weird random memory…

December 1st, 2016 No comments

when i was young, bored, at tandou, my families little shack in the middle of the bush.

i was sitting in the car, and i found a tape of my fathers. a greatest hits of the 60s. most of it was terrible, but i remember hearing one song i still like today. maybe it was the guitar. i really cant tell. but its still a classic.

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Enter Heath O’Fee

February 15th, 2016 No comments


May I introduce to you, the one and only Heath (middle name pending) O’Fee

I know I’ve mainly only posted on FB (I know, I feel so dirty) but I thought i’d make an official posting here on my blog as well.

Born on the 13th of February, at 2 am. I am a bad bad person, don’t know the weight and whatnot. He’s doing fine. Day two and he’s discovered crying. I feel bad for Grace. Hah.

Thank you everyone on the various social medias for the well wishes. I of course will keep you updated with pics and videos when I have some cool stuff.

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On raspberry pis…

January 24th, 2016 No comments

I’ve recently been spending a lot of my spare time (what of it), thinking and designing stuff for my two raspberry pis.
Cheap still is cheap, even in Australia. It costs a little more (50 bucks) but it’s still worth it – so far I’ve managed to hook up a house wide ad-blocker, a retro games system with controller, and just for shits and giggles once the parts come in, I’m going to try my hand with a pirate box, and a little fm transmitter. Two things I really don’t especially need for the house (hello sonos and NAS) but handy if I do go traveling soon.
My laptop is finally dying a horrible death and I’ve been using the iPad more and more (how do you think I’m writing this??) so I might set one up at work and get an iOS printer unit set up. Dad still uses his ancient iPad 1 and would make things a hell of a lot easier for him.
Speaking of dad, he asked to look into a unit where he could get an email sent when somebody say, presses a button. Used for when parts arrive etc. The hardware side is fine for me, I’ve no problems there. The programming side confused me a little. I should spend less time messing around with MMOs and maybe start to learn Python. I probably won’t be able to figure dads problem out by the time he needs it (I found seems to do a similar thing, once it comes to Australia) but it will be handy to have that knowledge later on down the track. I’ve gotten lazy not learning anything lately.

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dragon age 3 and noobs…

February 23rd, 2015 No comments


I LOVE dragon age 3. i really do. although i enjoyed the dragon age 2 story, this is a much much better game.

however, something that bothers me is the way they want you to think “oh hey, we can be like skyrim! look at all this world and adventures!” but if you’re stupid enough to go in that area without learning beforehand that its five levels above what you’re currently at, “you’re gonna have a bad time!”

i just think bethesda do it better when it comes to stuff like that. i hate seeing a quest open and getting my arse kicked because even though i’ve opened that part of the game up, doesnt mean i can complete it yet… bleh.

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one thing about books…

February 11th, 2015 No comments

where the movie can be an experience, the book can take longer.

sometimes this can be frustrating.

in between gaming, TV and life in general, I’m reading Gone Girl. I’m really enjoying it. The author has a wonderful way of hitting some great end of chapter cliffhangers, and going back and forth between the past, what everything is building up to and the aftermath.

the thing is, i REALLY want to see the film.

It ticks all my boxes, David Fincher, music by Trent and Atticus. The Image teases me every time I open Popcorn Time, but I hold myself back. I havent seen or read any spoilers, either. This is all happening as I read. Its interesting – It’s the first time In a while I havent re-read something or being shocked and surprised as I’m reading a book as well.

After this I’ve also got the new William Gibson book as well.

You can tell I got a new kindle touch for xmas, cant you?? 😉

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unlearn everything

January 6th, 2015 No comments

it’s funny how music works.

This song sounds NOTHING like the original. hell, i’d barely call it a remix. it’s almost a completely new song. if it wasn’t for this mix, i don’t know how well the band would be known…

saying that. the band is GOOD, but its on another level.

This is one of the very first CDs i ever bought. i remember buying it for a terrible cheesy 90s dance track, but the rest of the soundtrack (the original mortal kombat film) was full of electronica and industrial metal.

Even today, i can turn the lights off and just drift to this song…..

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It’s great when things work out

December 7th, 2014 No comments

Incredibly relaxed. Things are going well. Decent work, lovely gf, interesting games to keep me occupied.

Speaking of, dragon age 3 nails it. As usual, the map could of been better designed, but the side quests and stuff almost eclipse skyrim for amount of content. Plus being set in thedas makes it perfect. I’m willing to bet that it gets the game of the year on good game next week on their year wrap up epsiode. I can’t remember any other perfect score for the year….

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More movies

November 10th, 2014 No comments

Now that Sunday nights tends to be date night, the GF and i catch up with whatevers new on popcorn time. I have a whole post about that one day, my god does that thing just work (but for how long?)

So far last night we watched the Lego movie. It was Cute, fun and full of little in jokes. It had the same Kind of heart that the pixar films do.

Also the Mrs browns boys film. It wasn’t bad, but lack of laugh track and spontaneous way of the show was missing. There’s a few moments in the film where they have a couple of “mistakes” but Honestly, it kind of felt like even the mistakes were scripted. And the story wasn’t too original. Personally I think I like the cheesiness of the tv show.

Also what about Dr who? Probably the darkest season of the new show I’ve seen. I hope they find gallifrey. I want clara to have her own tardis 🙂

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i’ve watched the new dr who already…

July 22nd, 2014 No comments

does that make me a bad person??

if you havent heard, it’s leaked online early. and when i say early, i mean early. It’s missing CGI, it’s in black and white, there’s text all over the screen where effects are meant to go and the music is just stuffed ripped from other movies.

it’s quite interesting to see something that early in production, even with the rose leak it was pretty much all done, save a few effects/sound bits. (god i wish i still had that copy). this one even has the opening titles from matt smith’s era!! i can understand why the BBC would be furious, though. on the other hand regardless on how bad it looks (remember this is dr who fans you are talking about) it’s i think hyping up the new series as well. the story is GOOD, the new doctor is fantastic, and clara finally is no longer the impossible girl and grows as a character.

i won’t spoil anything, but the tone and the style is different again. i cant say it’s a brand new show like the end of russell’s era, because there are a lot of callbacks to old episodes, but they’ve realised they cant do the same old thing with a new actor, plus there’s a few sly mentions to the fans in this regard as well.

i think i’ll leave it there, though. its going to go down well, i think. the first five scripts have been leaked as well. im not too exactly sure whether i’ll read them or not. let’s see if my will holds up in the next few weeks 🙂

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experiments in linux

June 9th, 2014 No comments

the last few months i’ve been in a tinkering phase with my computers. discovering that the latest and greatest does not need to run quickly..

my second computer, an old athlon (i think) single core machine with 1 gig of RAM had been gathering dust in my shed. i bought this in wagga when my first built computer at 19 finally bit the dust in an emergency. my athlon at the time cost me a pretty penny, but did its job with good old windows XP. it was starting to struggle at the end, then one day, it just stopped. the fan would spin, everything would light up, just no boot.

i didnt have the heart to throw it out, but that day i decided the time to go into the mac world. i bought myself an imac, and well, my pc gaming hobby didnt pick up any time soon 😛

anyways, a few months back i though “what if its NOT the motherboard??” i went to a local computer store, bought a decent power supply, and shock horror – it was alive again. okay, i say alive, incredibly slow. i could of reinstalled windows on it from scratch, but even so, what was the point? the operating system had JUST been retired and there was no way in hell i was going to install vista. what about linux??

i played around with ubuntu back in the early days. throughout the years of my athlon, it got a lot of different bits and pieces to get it running still. that had probably something to do with it, but even if it was original, i could never get it working properly. my girlfriend has ubuntu running on her tiny netbook and it was working fine, no issues at all. i downloaded the latest version, wiped the old data and tried again.

wow, it worked. sluggish, but worked.

i did a little research, and discovered a bare bones version called lubuntu. to be honest, this suited me more regardless. with a couple of clicks here and there, you can almost make it look like a windows machine. and that’s what i did. a google search here and there, and all of a sudden i have a 2004/5 era machine that works flawlessly. its not speedy, and HD streaming video stutters, but it browses the web perfectly, plays videos fine, even bittorrents without a hitch. lubuntu, the version i run is a LITTLE fiddly compared to the original ubuntu but its nothing i couldnt fix. we’re talking windows level fixes.

i did the same with another old laptop. this thing is a core 2 duo that i bought for work long long ago running vista. now, its working like a charm and is my work machine instead of trying to tap along on the ipad. even my macbook air – i enclusively console game these days, so i removed the last of my space on my macbook air and installed lubuntu on here too. there’s moments when i DO need to jump back into normal mac OS (airview) but 99% of the time im in the linux side. it’s been quite interesting, wonderful and relitively easy how well this is all going.

so much so i bought myself a cheap little tablet today. an 80 dollar 7 inch tablet. i thought i’d use it for work web things, and just hotspot my phone. but im discovering how well this little thing goes. i’ve already installed a few apps and this little sluggish but capable tablet works a dream!! ive been reading my instapaper through this 🙂

just wish i had the cash for a new phone 😉 the iphone 4s will have to do for quite some time 😛

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