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Excercise, the return??

August 31st, 2010 No comments

Out of the blue the other night, I get a message on FB from my friend. She has recently had a kid and has this desire to try out one of the many local gyms. Not that I’m complaining, but she chose me as her excercise buddy.

I can quite happily get away with NOT doing much at the moment. I have a beer belly and that’s about it. Everything’s hidden well underneath my t shirt and I look around and think “I could be worse”. Still, that’s no excuse for NOT getting fit.

So today is just another work day, actually I have to say an absolutely GORGEOUS day outside. First time I can honestly say it felt like spring. Let’s hope this continues. Anyways, stressing thinking about this in my head all day. “what CAN i wear? whats good music for my nano? am I going to look like a right idiot??”

this evening i lessen my nerves, we arrive .. AND!!

My friend’s little bub wakes up. She had to go home 🙁

We’re going to attempt again tomorrow, see if I can get used to it. And what kind of prices as well. I hear they’re pretty steep…

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excercise, redux.

January 4th, 2010 No comments

The scales!!!!

Yeah, you’ve heard this before from me. But one of my resolutions this year is to excercise, and do a have decent job of it. I’m not a hugely large person or anything like that, but compared to what I used to be back in school days, I know I’ve put on a few kilos. One of my friends uploaded this photo to facebook the other day and I went wooowww… 😛

I’m not too sure on the technicals, but I’m about 166 cms (5’ 5.4”) tall and 77 kilos (169 pounds). So I DO have a little bit of a gut. To be honest, I was never a fitness kid whatsoever, but I walked to school every morning until I got my P plates, and our school was pretty spread apart, so back then I think the metabolism was shitloads better and I kept it off thanks to a load of walking.

These days It’s catched up, I know. When I first moved to Melbourne I know I lost a lot, but that was more me not eating well and all and drinking a fair bit, trying to get used to the place. So yeah, today, again, I started the walk thing and apart from the unbearable heat outside and me forgetting to drink lots of water before, it wasn’t too bad. My Nike Plus website is here if you want to have a go at me if I slack off again. I’ve got it updating to twitter and facebook, so you’ll know where I’ll be 90% of the time.

Now! I must go and get some dinner from the supermarket. Healthy eating is also a part of it, so it will probably be frozen healthy meals as I try and get my energy back. Catchyas….

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Excercise – The experiment begins anew…

June 18th, 2009 No comments

Long ago last year I discovered another interesting tech gizmo which I was interested in. The catch though? It’s Nike Plus

Unfortunately, I’m a lazy bastardo. So today armed with my trusty Ipod touch which for some reason includes support and the Iphone doesn’t (not until the 3Gs) I went for another walk. I armed up the trusty ipod with trance from a few podcasts I discovered (Tiesto) I hooked it up and walked about 4 kilometres today. Came back, all happy and proud of my acheivement and went to sync it up with my Itunes and The Nike Plus website.

No Dice.

Ripping my hair out, trying to figure what the hell is happening with this POS. I DON’T think it’s the ipod, or Itunes. I’m 90% sure it’s the website. So from now on, whenever I’m walking, I’m just going to put it as an entry on my blog here. I’ll gather them all in a subsection so I can look back and all that. I really want to make something of it this time. It’s not that I’m hugely obese or something like that, I just know I be healthier and perhaps even lose my beer belly I’ve had for a long time. Here’s hoping.

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