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It’s great when things work out

December 7th, 2014 No comments

Incredibly relaxed. Things are going well. Decent work, lovely gf, interesting games to keep me occupied.

Speaking of, dragon age 3 nails it. As usual, the map could of been better designed, but the side quests and stuff almost eclipse skyrim for amount of content. Plus being set in thedas makes it perfect. I’m willing to bet that it gets the game of the year on good game next week on their year wrap up epsiode. I can’t remember any other perfect score for the year….

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More movies

November 10th, 2014 No comments

Now that Sunday nights tends to be date night, the GF and i catch up with whatevers new on popcorn time. I have a whole post about that one day, my god does that thing just work (but for how long?)

So far last night we watched the Lego movie. It was Cute, fun and full of little in jokes. It had the same Kind of heart that the pixar films do.

Also the Mrs browns boys film. It wasn’t bad, but lack of laugh track and spontaneous way of the show was missing. There’s a few moments in the film where they have a couple of “mistakes” but Honestly, it kind of felt like even the mistakes were scripted. And the story wasn’t too original. Personally I think I like the cheesiness of the tv show.

Also what about Dr who? Probably the darkest season of the new show I’ve seen. I hope they find gallifrey. I want clara to have her own tardis 🙂

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experiments in linux

June 9th, 2014 No comments

the last few months i’ve been in a tinkering phase with my computers. discovering that the latest and greatest does not need to run quickly..

my second computer, an old athlon (i think) single core machine with 1 gig of RAM had been gathering dust in my shed. i bought this in wagga when my first built computer at 19 finally bit the dust in an emergency. my athlon at the time cost me a pretty penny, but did its job with good old windows XP. it was starting to struggle at the end, then one day, it just stopped. the fan would spin, everything would light up, just no boot.

i didnt have the heart to throw it out, but that day i decided the time to go into the mac world. i bought myself an imac, and well, my pc gaming hobby didnt pick up any time soon 😛

anyways, a few months back i though “what if its NOT the motherboard??” i went to a local computer store, bought a decent power supply, and shock horror – it was alive again. okay, i say alive, incredibly slow. i could of reinstalled windows on it from scratch, but even so, what was the point? the operating system had JUST been retired and there was no way in hell i was going to install vista. what about linux??

i played around with ubuntu back in the early days. throughout the years of my athlon, it got a lot of different bits and pieces to get it running still. that had probably something to do with it, but even if it was original, i could never get it working properly. my girlfriend has ubuntu running on her tiny netbook and it was working fine, no issues at all. i downloaded the latest version, wiped the old data and tried again.

wow, it worked. sluggish, but worked.

i did a little research, and discovered a bare bones version called lubuntu. to be honest, this suited me more regardless. with a couple of clicks here and there, you can almost make it look like a windows machine. and that’s what i did. a google search here and there, and all of a sudden i have a 2004/5 era machine that works flawlessly. its not speedy, and HD streaming video stutters, but it browses the web perfectly, plays videos fine, even bittorrents without a hitch. lubuntu, the version i run is a LITTLE fiddly compared to the original ubuntu but its nothing i couldnt fix. we’re talking windows level fixes.

i did the same with another old laptop. this thing is a core 2 duo that i bought for work long long ago running vista. now, its working like a charm and is my work machine instead of trying to tap along on the ipad. even my macbook air – i enclusively console game these days, so i removed the last of my space on my macbook air and installed lubuntu on here too. there’s moments when i DO need to jump back into normal mac OS (airview) but 99% of the time im in the linux side. it’s been quite interesting, wonderful and relitively easy how well this is all going.

so much so i bought myself a cheap little tablet today. an 80 dollar 7 inch tablet. i thought i’d use it for work web things, and just hotspot my phone. but im discovering how well this little thing goes. i’ve already installed a few apps and this little sluggish but capable tablet works a dream!! ive been reading my instapaper through this 🙂

just wish i had the cash for a new phone 😉 the iphone 4s will have to do for quite some time 😛

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May 8th, 2013 No comments

cute little mini-documentary on warcraft addiction. It’s nothing hardcore, but interesting nonetheless .

i recently have given up again. not because of anything like that, just the whole “end game” content becomes more work than enjoyment. Grinding and grinding dailies so you can buy more gear. I recently was kicked from a LFR because my DPS wasn’t high enough and i thought “fuck it, there’s too many fun things to do on the 360 during my down time”, and also my social life has picked up quite a bit lately as well. Life’s too short.

I can totally understand why they do it, hell, it keeps the players playing. But it’s just not for me anymore. 🙂

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Doctor Who – Oswin theories

January 11th, 2013 No comments
The problem (and good thing) about Moffat is you have no idea where he’s going with his ideas. With Russell, I picked “Mr. Saxon” straight up, it was easy. These days, I love the guessing games we go through all year. 

I just found this article – – and although most of it is pretty far fetched, one bit grabbed my interest –


8. Oswin is some kind of divinely appointed companion. Speculation on this draws mostly from the meaning of both Oswin and Oswald, which mean “Friend of God.” Clara means “Bright,” another word for clever. “The Snowmen” makes direct reference to the universe owing The Doctor, very close to being a God himself, something. Maybe the universe finally delivered.”



While I don’t think they’re taking the show in a religious direction (far too tricky for this show), It did make me think about one aspect of the show – The Guardians. In the classic series, there was a power greater than the time lords, One which even the Time Lords worshipped in their own timey-wimey ways as gods. They were the ones who sent the Doctor on his merry chase around the universe looking for the key to time. While I doubt they’ll go in that direction, could they still exist, post time war? The Eternals (well, apart from The Trickster) “fled the universe in despair” but it doesn’t mean all higher forms did. Or are the guardians too much for the new series?? I can see the White Guardian in his own weird way looking after the Doctor while the Black Guardian rallies his forces in the Silence – the truth of why those people have it in for the Doctor – maybe they don’t honestly know themselves???

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The Witcher 2

November 4th, 2012 No comments

finally snapped again with warcraft, so im looking for a new RPG, preferrably on xbox 360 so i know it will work.

first up – wow. i’ve gotten to level 90 and it’s just too frustrating at the moment. the dailies are required if you want to get gear for the raid finder. there MIGHT be an easier way and im sure its not all that hard, but fighting over mobs and everything is just.. gah. at the moment im running random heroics but the effort is just too much like work. i ended up closing the game over the weekend and catching up with more episodes of once upon a time. (havent finished season 1 yet)… 

so i wanted to play kingdoms of aldumemejhgdaiheur, but it was out so i gave the witcher 2 a go.

firstly, havent played the first one?? hahaha suck shit you suffer and play the game. it’s a shame, but it seems like an expansive world which i’d probably enjoy a lot. and there’s no part 1 on the 360 as far as i can tell. it drags you straight into the story, but apart from the subtle bits and pieces its easy to get a handle of whats going on – king you were protecting, murdered. you need to clear your name, find the killer. other stuff happens. I’ve only got to part 1 now, with all the other bits and pieces that happen in the cutscenes.

oh my god. the cutscenes.

i dont mind the odd moment (i think mass effect 3 got it just right) but this game… 10 minutes of game play … another scene… and again, and again. it’s lucky the game looks so bloody good otherwise i would of given up by now. and it’s pretty rough and adult! not that im complaining, but it’s got me buggered how this game passed the classification board in australia – if this were a movie, it would be easily a R 18 rating. 

it’s lucky it’s only a rental. ill keep it playing for a while, but it’s certainly no dragon age 2 replacement. Bah.

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Goodbye Rory’s Dad…

October 12th, 2012 No comments

According to the link –

A special scene was written by Chris Chibnall that revealed some of the answers but sadly, the sequence was never shot. However, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be bringing you the scene tomorrow. Using animated storyboards and a voice-over specially recorded by Arthur Darvill, we’ll discover more about Brian and the Ponds, post-Angels.

way to make us feel worse, Chibnall 😉

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my new (cheap) gadget

May 14th, 2012 No comments
bought this the other day on ebay and finally arrived through the mail.

no, not the phone. that little battery on the bottom 😉

ive been looking here, there and everywhere on the net for decent battery extenders for iphones/ipads etc (powertraveller was a top contender) but all were quite pricey and also quite bulky! I found this from a random ebayer online for twenty bucks or so – chump change and a lot less than the 80 plus that a lot of other batteries you can find online. sure, this may only charge up once, but i can take this with me, chuck it in my pocket and not have to worry about lugging around something bulky and in the way compared to a lot of the others. i think the others would be handy if you were away on a trip and forget your charger, but something that can just extend your day, this is pretty handy. and cheap enough to buy a couple to leave in your bags/gadget pack.


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Barrowman on Eccleston – “don’t go there”

April 17th, 2012 No comments

Just reading this article about John Barrowman at an sci-fi expo in Chicago over the weekend where he accidentally mixed up his Doctors when talking about the show. When the crowd called him on his mistake, he had this to say..

“Don’t even go there. I know lots of things that you don’t. Anyway, I’ve had so many Doctors I get confused.”

More proof that something nasty happened behind the scenes. And while Barrowman plays coy on the 50th anniversary news (remember Noel Clarke pleaded ignorance on twitter the day before his small part in The End Of Time), I’m pretty certain that no matter what the plans are for the show next year that Chris certainly won’t be returning at all. A shame.

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March 18th, 2012 No comments


I love Quantic Dream. They’re a game developer company who keeps games interesting – they released the PS3 exclusive “Heavy Rain” a few years back – an almost interactive horror/thriller movie which truly gives you the choice about how the game ends. (Hurry up with the film!). Here’s a short film they’ve made which is completely rendered on the ps3 – not a new game, but using a new gaming engine that will run their next game. Beautiful little film, and it’s got a Asimov / Ghost in the Shell vibe as well. Worth a watch 🙂


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