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The battle of the boxsets

February 28th, 2008 No comments

I thought I’d add something to this so called “HD war”, or whatever you want to call it.

If you haven’t read already, Toshiba have stopped making HD DVD, which was the last part of the puzzle. Most had suspected this for a while, but this was the nail in the coffin. MS are already thinking about a Blu-Ray addon for the xbox, and I’m glad I didn’t get the HD addon for the 360 I own.

Actually, I’ll be honest. I don’t know how long I will wait until I buy something Blu-ray. Okay, my sound system needs updating, but I do have a TV capable of supporting it now. But, to me the quality of DVDs now are pretty impressive. And a watch a lot of xvid/divx stuff as it is now streamed to the 360. My favourite show is Dr. Who, which is costing the BBC money getting the classic series up to DVD specs (and doing one of the best jobs in the DVD business, I may add). So quality isn’t the biggest factor. And with download speeds and compression technology getting better and better, will the next war be a war of file formats? I know there’s people who will always want the physical product (look at CD sales) but a lot already download most of their stuff as is. I’ve said before, I wouldn’t mind paying a couple of bucks a week to get a good quality, ads free episode of Lost. The amount of fake/faulty torrents online makes that very appealing.

There’s also talk of a downloading version of Netflix coming to xbox dashboard. Think of it – You turn on your xbox, pick which episodes you want to buy and bingo. There is the small problem of getting it off your 360, but for some people they may want to watch it once and thats it. To do so with Itunes, you get a sub-average download and need to buy another product to add to your tv. The 360 is already plugged in. Most already have it hooked up to the net.

Of course, who knows if any of this will ever come to places outside of the USA. We can dream, and run Tversity in the meantime…

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X files 2 Trailer..

February 28th, 2008 No comments

And the crowd goes nuts…


I know I will be at the cinema, but will it be successful? It’s been six years since it’s been on the TV, and many more since it’s been popular and GOOD. It’s also not part of the mythology as well. So, it’s good that it’s going to be a standalone movie, but the fans will be disappointed. So they’re trying for both audiences. They better be working hard on that story, then.

Billy Connolly, though. That’s an interesting casting choice.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Revenge

February 26th, 2008 No comments

First he discovered his girlfriend was f&^%ing Matt Damon. You remember that post a while back?

Well, Jimmy has something to say to his ex-girlfriend.


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I didn’t realise, but am now excited..

February 25th, 2008 No comments

Although I haven’t been as invested in this as I was with the Australian election (the American politics confuse the hell out of me, for starters), I’ve been reading this and that, thanks to a fellow LJer, webcomic artist and author James Grant.

In fact, if you have a moment, check out – this. Go back a few pages and have a read at his brilliant “Know Your Candidates”. His entries, much like his whole LJ is not safe for work, but it’s very very amusing.

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Fools Gold

February 24th, 2008 No comments

Last night went out to the movies. First time in about 4 years since I’ve been to the Mildura cinemas. I miss the Broken Hill cinema. there maybe only one screen, but being so big it’s okay there. Mildura screens are woefully small and the seats go too far back.

Anyways, the film. Fools Gold, the latest film starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. Matthew plays Ben ‘Finn’ Finnegan, the loveable loser who is always in debt and owes some dangerous gansters money. He doesn’t really have a proper job, his job and lifelong love is searching for sunken treasure with his wife, Tess (Hudsen). Well, until recently. She’s just divorced him. She wants something a little more stable in her life than Finn. Finn, however is actually stumbled on something legit for once. Sure to a couple of mishaps, he stumbles onto the cruise ship owned by rich tycoon Nigel Honeycutt (Donald Sutherland). This also happens to be Tess’ current job. It doesn’t take long for Finn to convince Tess, and then Nigel to hunt for this treasure. Sound too simple? The gansters are trying to kill Finn at every opportunity, and there’s also some ex-work partners of Finn and Tess’ looking for the same treasure. Along for the ride is the beautiful but stupid daughter of Nigel (Alexis Dziena) and Finn’s latest partner Alfonz (Ewen Bremmer).

Surprisingly I sat through this and enjoyed it. It’s not a film that will be remembered in time. It’s not a comedy but there’s a few laughs, some decent action/adventure scenes (especially at the end) and some beautiful scenery of Queensland (meant to be the Carribean). There’s not a lot of hard acting for this film, but they get through it. Gemma, the daughter, begins to grate after a while. The stupidity gets annoying, but she has a nice moment with her father later on. Matthew plays that same kind of role he usually plays in his films. Kate’s performance isn’t bad either, I enjoyed her more at the beginning when she was freaking out more over the fact that Finn has waltzed back into her life without even meaning it. Probably my fave role is Ewen’s. He’s the guy who played Spud on Trainspotting and seems to always play the small roles while the rest of the Trainspotting crew continue to make success after success, poor guy. He’s meant to be playing this loopy Russian fellow, but the accent is terrible. He’s too Scottish to be anything else.

All up, decent popcorn flick. I’d recommend to see it if you can’t think of a film both you and your significant other will both enjoy. Otherwise, it’s a rental. 3 outta 5.

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How can we make gambling better, or worse?

February 23rd, 2008 No comments

Depends how you look at it.

According to Tv Tonight, Victorians with a TAB gambling account will soon be able to place bets through their pay-television remote control by April.

With Austar already showing racing on their service, this is bad bad bad.

There are a lot of problem gamblers in this country. There is a scheme in Australia that can have you barred from certain pubs and clubs if you know you’re going to have a problem with betting or you have in the past. If you’re noticed by the staff, you’ll be asked to leave. This is all up to you, however. You have to opt yourself into it.

As you may know, addiction is never that easy. Keeping you away from the TAB machine or the pokies can help, but having it in the comfort of your TV, with an easy to access interface is a bad idea.

I can’t see anything positive here. Gambling should be kept out of the lounge room, apart from stupid bets that are made with drunk mates that you never pay back anyway 😛

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February 22nd, 2008 No comments

Just watched the latest episode, and wow. I suggest anyone who likes TV to watch it, watch it NOW.

Torchwood is a spin off of the new version of Doctor Who. It’s set in the same fictional universe – It began as a series of references and led to a climax at the end of series 2. The show continues in Wales in the aftermath of the story. It’s been noted as “Doctor Who for grownups”. It’s 95% Earth based, this group of behind the scenes people hunt and sort out alien/supernatural threats to Earth. Head writer Russell T Davis has cleverly laid the plot for this ever since the third episode of the new series – much like a Buffy Hellmouth, Dr. Who has a “rift” running through Cardiff, where the weirdest things from space and time come through and cause our stars problems.

The first year was very uneven. With Doctor Who, this show and the childrens spin off “The Sarah Jane Adventures”, I don’t think they put enough attention into it. It was alright, but not brilliantly done. The writing was all over the place episode to episode, I had problems with the characters, they were written in a way where you were annoyed by them more than connecting with them. Season 2 though, is a complete turnaround. They took a year off, closely analyzed the show and brought it back better than ever. The first episode of season 2 guest starred James Marsters in one of the funniest episodes of Who/Torchwood yet and since then it’s only gone up and up.

The last episode involved death, in probably an episode that could no way in any shape or form EVER be shown on Doctor Who. I know some people were disappointed when the new series of Who started. After the original show finished in ’89, the Virgin series of books started which told Doctor Who in a more adult way. Cause lets be honest, without it being on the TV, it would of been doubtful young kids would be picking this up. Going from that to the new series would of been jarring (I personally loved both). These new episodes should satisfy those fans. It should satisfy any TV fans, it’s been written so you start cold without any prior knowledge of any TV shows and still enjoy it.

Check it out.

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Yahoo Live, Part Deux

February 22nd, 2008 No comments

I think I’ve changed my mind on Yahoo Live. It’s basically lots of men gathering around chatrooms of females with webcams, talking about the usual crap that those types of chatrooms have. You can just see them chewing gum now.

I think I’ll give that one a miss.

Question – They’re probably selling soon. Why in the hell would they do this now?

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February 21st, 2008 No comments

Seesmic – Apart from the constant problems with the service (to be fair, it’s in Alpha), it’s bloody fun and interesting. Takes message boards to a whole new level. At the moment it’s about Portal. Cause you can’t get enough of GlaDOS.

Yahoo live is pretty interesting as well, but scary. At midnight my time last night had a lot of sleeping cams, one guy talking about web 2.0, somebody’s camera pointing to a kung fu flick and a naked guy with a pink wig.

I think I’ll stick to seesmic for the time being…

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And so it begins…

February 21st, 2008 4 comments

Hello! Terry here. Just writing an introduction post to get this thing up and started.

I’m not a new blogger, I’ve had my Livejournal account for a long long time, but it’s severely limiting in what you can do apart from blogging.

The LJ is staying – I have found a way to post to two blogs at the same time (bless you semagic), I would just like something better to link to apart from a LJ with a silly username I made up when I was about 20.

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