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Eureka – I Do Over

August 21st, 2008 No comments

You know, spoilers and what not.

Oh Eureka.

Since the beginning of this show, you have had the triangle of Carter, Alison and Stark. Nathan Stark, the ex of Alison Blake has always been the person to stop Jack Carter and Alison hooking up. In the end of Season One, we got a flash forward ten years in time episode where an accident forces Nathan to leave town and Jack and Alison finally hook up. In the future, they’re expecting a baby.

Time being very “Timey-wimey” – It’s not meant to be. Changes in the time line and a lot of complex stuff is about to cause the end of the Universe (it’s better not explaining it, it’s sci-fi technobabble). Right before one of the darkest moments of the series (standing back and watching someone die to set things correct, yes, very Star Trek) Jack turns to Alison and says “There’s nothing in the Universe that could keep us apart”.

Well, maybe. Maybe not.

The second season starts quite different from what we are expecting, of course. The time line changes and Nathan stays in town. Things happen, and by the end of season 2 Nathan drops the bombshell – “Marry me again.” Which she excepts. Series three has just started in the US and the first few episodes have been leading up to the eventual wedding. My original thought would be “hijinks ensue. something happens at the last second and Alison gets cold feet. more hijinks ensue.” Boy, was I wrong!

Episode 4 – “I Do Over” is this series version of “Groundhog Day” (I have to say, out of all of the sci-fi shows, Stargate SG1’s was the best). Poor Jack is experiencing the same day over and over again. And it just happens to be the big wedding day. After a few jumps, they find Jack is not bullshitting (great moment – Jack sings a mathematical equation) and try to fix it before, you know, typical end of the world scenario. Poor Jack keeps the injuries in every time loop and this Groundhog Day isn’t infinite. There’s only one way to save the day which involves a moment of sacrifice – Nathan Stark saves the day but is wisped away into dust almost as his particles float into the ceiling. He’s gone!

Now, most shows on TV you know most characters are safe (well, maybe not Lost). A show usually as bright and happy as Eureka I was not expecting the end of Stark like that. Okay, it’s a sci-fi show and we didn’t see an actual body – He’ll be back eventually – but it was such a “wow” moment. Pure brilliance. Let’s hope this 20 episode season can keep it up. And we get a return of Matt Frewer to the show too! (I think he’s busy in The Watchmen film).

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The Rocky Horror Remake Show

August 15th, 2008 No comments

After reading on many different sites about peoples anger about the Rocky Horror Remake in the works, I understand.

I understand, but I don’t really care.

Why? Two reasons. Firstly, Richard O’Brien doesn’t care. He’s given it his blessing to go ahead but doesn’t care which way what happens with the project. If they were going against the creator’s wishes then maybe it would be in bad taste. And secondly, the original will always be there. It’s not like some slightly podgy and bearded geek is going to change the original on us or anything. The DVD is quite easy to buy or rent. (with Shock Treatment as a double pack – I need to get around and watch the “sequel” one day…)

I know right now the film is going to be terrible. It’s MTV who are making it. They’re making new music for it! Remakes NEVER work out. Who knows, maybe the exposure will get the newer fans to hunt out the original film in all its glory and might even revive it a little. Heard some sad news, actually. I went to an audience participation screen some years back. Fun in the Dark has been cancelled due to low audience turn out. You’ve never experienced the film until you’ve seen it in a cinema. And I don’t mean sitting down quietly with popcorn. It’s much much much much more than that. Maybe if it’s not ignored, it might get people to show this film in the cinemas again? I can only hope.

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On Warcraft and Olympics…

August 12th, 2008 1 comment

Just an update of sorts. Quiet weekend off the internet, well chatting anyways. Father (boss) was here for the weekend, so I caught up on some gaming.

It’s kinda funny. I had a lot of problems with WoW in the past which I found out had to do with a graphics card that had a dead fan. Kinda funny, Windows and normal things, like dvd watching, programs, no issues. The heat sink was doing the job. The moment I load up a game, reboot time. For ages I thought it was WoW and a patch that was giving a lot of people grief – when I installed Neverwinter Knights 2 again and discovered it was doing the same thing, I figured it out.

Anyways. Logging back onto my PvP server and getting all the things I put off last time I was playing the game. You know, better equipment, training, skills etc. All of a sudden I’m left with about 1 gold, enough to get me going. Wrong. I don’t know If I was blind in the past, but the attacks by Horde since I left had just gotten worse. I couldn’t travel anywhere without getting attacked. After one high level undead who was camping me for an afternoon, I decided I had enough. I was going to leave the game for the night, watch some telly and start looking into a PvE server the next day and pay for the transfer. The next day I log in. Ask a few people in the channels “what’s a decent PvE” got the idiotic responses one usually expects in a youtube discussion. I went down the beach just out of Booty Bay where I bumped into a random character. We grouped up for a couple of quests and I commented now I’m going to have to grind for a while to get some more gold so I can get back into it all – he hands me 100 gold.

Yeah, not complaining, I asked him “are you sure?” his reply was he was given heaps of gold by a friend and didn’t know what to do with it (i suggested to him save it up for his epic mount, but he shrugged). The night after, I wander to Gadgetzan where a few randoms invite me to Zul Farakk and I get a whole heap of decent gear to sell in the auction house. And constant invites to come back. I’m tempted, it’s kind of hard work but the team work is a lot of fun when it works. Mind you, I’m not the best tank in the world, before this I’ve only ever done the Deadmines once. It just goes to show there’s assholes and decent people in the PvP. For the time being, I shall remain…

What did everyone think about the Olympics? I’m not the biggest sporting person in the world and there’s a hell of a lot more important things in the world going on, but the opening ceremony was truly amazing. The amount of time and effort that went into that, well I just think London have a lot of planning to do before then… Hah… And it was probably the most I’ve twitter, giving a running commentary (like anyone cared) but also fun to talk to others while it was happening as well….

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ABC’s I-View and digital TV

August 3rd, 2008 2 comments

Ages back, I signed up for the beta of this service. To be honest, I didn’t play around with it much. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, just that the tv shows on offer at the time were crap.

Some months on, and check it out now. It’s a roaring success. Dr. Who, Hollowmen, all the top shows on ABC are on it. Well, Spicks and Specks is missing but music rights are probably to blame for that.

At first I thought “with Itunes, why bother?” They’re already offering shows like The Gruen Report for free as video podcasts. But the good thing about this is because you are not actually downloading this to your PC, The ABC can offer more. Shows from the UK like The Bill (pass) and Dr. Who are up for offer. They’re only up for a week anyway, so it’s just a good option to catch up watching TV when you feel like it. Also new shows like The Hollowmen, which probably wouldn’t be on offer otherwise because of its eventual commercial release.

It does make me think about their digital download service, though.

At the moment they also have another part of the website where you can download shows onto your computer for a small fee. The problem? You’re renting them.

Figure this – The Chaser’s War on Everything is available there. Fair enough, that show can’t be free online forever. The ABC have every right to make a buck out of it. What is stupid, however is you can only watch it for seven days. Go to the Itunes website and you can pay the same 3 dollars and keep it on your computer forever. Sure, there was talk on the website that they will be offering later on the option to permanently keep episodes of TV shows, but I bet it will cost more than 3 dollars. You shouldn’t have to rent a TV show. New up and coming movies, I get (which is still not an option in Itunes yet, come on!).

I have to applaud the ABC for going in the right direction, I just think they have a little while to go yet 🙂

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