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Two TV shows and a funeral

September 30th, 2008 No comments

First, the funeral. Yes, It was sad but done in a nice way. The family didn’t want everyone bawling all day so my uncle got a nice send off. A few stories, even a few swear words let slip during the eulogies. That’s Australia for you. Thanks everybody for all your support either through twitter, FB or whatever. It means a lot.

Been home for the day. Apart from the general chaotic shambles of getting everything back into swing with work and the Mildura life, I managed to watch two episodes of TV tonight. Geez I’m pretty far behind. There’s Eureka, Heroes has just restarted, Fringe is keeping me interested and I just found out through a few peoples blogs that the new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures started again! I missed that one. Bad Terry!

I got to watch –


Despite its identical name, this is nothing like that black and white TV show The Late Show took the piss out of back in the 90s. This is a new cop show on Channel 10. And, I have to say I like it. There’s not much depth to it, but it’s gritty, the tech seems to be up to date and there’s a few actors from Underbelly on this as well. The first episode consisted of one of the cops beating up a father for attempting to drive his children over a cliff because he lost custody. Instead of say, getting the nasty father causing problems, he and the children are forgotten about and it focuses on the police and the new police officer sent down to take over. The lady is more “by the book” than the rest of them and of course there’s clashes.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a continuing plot from week to week, well, after the pilot anyway. I do like the action scenes. There’s a great attempt at the beginning of the episode that remind me of the “jumping” scene during Casino Royal that would of taken them quite a while. There’s also the little things – the computer whizz who is always on hand to check facts and details and monitors them constantly through a small camera every cop wears (I wonder if that part is true?? interesting if it is..) It was well written enough to keep me watching. Can it hold out week after week though? Not just for the acting – the reason I enjoyed East West 101 was also the sub-plots involving the characters pasts. I’d like to see them do something like that. Still, early days.

Kyle XY

It’s very family friendly. The ABC Family logo makes that very apparent, but it’s not that bad. The idea of this genius kid with absolutely NO memory and coming into a family reminded me a little of a tamer, family version of John From Cincinnati (jeez I wish that wasn’t cancelled…) but it’s not too bad at all. At it’s always good to see Teryl from Stargate in another show. And you can tell from the get go, there’s something fishy going on. Just hope it’s not too wussy and teenage as it goes on.

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Another Qld update…

September 18th, 2008 No comments


17 / 9


Things progressing well in “Paradise”. Tablets finally kicking in. Throat feeling better, eyes slowly clearing up but I still look like I’ve smoke a bowl. Ear is the only thing still troubling me now. I’m not going back to that medical clinic unless I absolutely have to. I’m hardly ever sick and it usually hits me bad when I am sick.


Surfers is getting prepared for the annual Formula 1 race. In fact the street directly below me is part of the track, I think. Shame I have to leave. This is the best place. You could watch the entire thing and not have to leave the Motel. Watching the news tonight and it’s frightening to see how much development is going on here. Even just looking around – This skyscraper in 2010, this one in 2012. Such a beautiful place too. I can see why everyone wants to live here. Sure, the prices are astronomical but if I had the money I’d rather live somewhere like here than in the big city like Sydney or Melbourne.


Fringe was on local TV here tonight, it was okay. I like the idea and the acting was okay. The music was by the JJ’s usual collaborator who he worked on with Lost. I’m not too sure on the whole conspiracy angle they’ve got going on with the show. I would of liked a little more than “there’s more going on than you know blah blah blah” and the evil corporation. Maybe I’m getting sick of seeing the same thing on many different shows? I don’t know. I’m keeping with it for the time being anyway. The gory element wasn’t bad as well. I have the original test pilot on my PC at home, I’m sure there’s bits they cut out of the episode. I didn’t get to the end the first time (got distracted is all) but I’ll check it out again after the holiday.


I’m also reading Syrup by Max Barry. It’s his first book and as usual it’s a satire, this time around it’s about marketing/advertising. It’s not as creative as his later two books (Jennifer Government and Company) but I like it. Also his main character is a bit questionable with his morals. Maybe it’s just me but sometimes when I’m inside the head of a character who can be so detestable it can rub me the wrong. Movies and TV are different, you’re an observer to the action. Books are usually all inside their heads, their thoughts as well as what they say. Maybe that’s why I had such a hard time with Irvine Welsh’s book Filth. After I finish this one I think that’s what is next on the list again. I want to get through his back catalogue – There’s quite a bit.


Now I sleep. Getting late and we have to pick up my cousin from the airport tomorrow.

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Surfers/Queensland update..

September 17th, 2008 No comments


The television show charlie jade is very very good. Im watching the last episode now and learning how to write on my new eeepc I bought yesterday. The keyboard takes a little while to get used to. I could have spent a little more and bought the 1000 but I like the slightly smaller size of it all. I could of gone to Brissie today but I generally wasn’t feeling all that well. Flu, hangover and the works. I really want to go now, but I can go another day anyways.

I ended up going to the pacific fair shopping centre to look for bags for this eee but eighty buckers – way too much. And it wasn’t a proper one – I’ll have to suss some stores out. I did get a couple of CDs however – Iggy Pop, Tool’s DVD single and a Ratcat single. The shop lady commented on the random selection of CDs, then started chatting about the new Metallica album (they had a pre store copy). It sounds okay, I think I may have to buy it. Rougher sound but actual MUSIC this time around. And a ballad or two. It’s good to see an actual music fan working at a music store. They were a little dear on a lot of Cds/DVDs, but that’s usually the case with smaller stores.

Not much else to say at the moment, Eastenders is on in the other room, one of the other guys is watching that. Still as pretty dodgy as I remember, I could get hooked on it if they had some more interesting things happen on that show.


Finally went to Brissie today. The shops weren’t as big and varied as I expected but it’s a beautiful city and I want to go again. Borders I found and that was good. Got a Max Barry novel, his first book Syrup. He’s only made three – wish I had a bit more cash to buy some of the Irvine Welsh books I found today. Once I finish Glue I’ll grab the rest online. It’s kind of annoying that most of the books I want to read aren’t available as ebooks yet. I have this sweet palm pilot that I can hardly use unless I get books I hate. Amazon’s kindle downloads won’t work on anything else.

Been incredibly sick the last couple of days. Conjunctivitis and a bad flu/sore throat on my holidays – typical. Been to a local Day/Night hospital and got some tablets and eye drops. Just taking some time to get better. It’s a pain when my Uncle and his friend are out drinking when I just don’t feel well.

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Utterz Time!

September 9th, 2008 No comments

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Queensland Trip, Part 1

September 7th, 2008 No comments


It's been two days on the beautiful gold coast, surfer's paradise actually. and it lives up to the expectations as well. yesterday the wind was very nice,
first time I've seen surfers out in the ocean. I mean, Adelaide have people who give it a red hot go, but its certainly not the same.

Queensland is plagued with Irish Pubs. I don't know if its this area, or most probably seems to be the cool thing these days in terms of pubs. Went to one
last night that felt more like a larger version of the one I used to frequent a bit in Mildura.

I've got no web access at all here at the moment, Maybe it's because I'm on the eigth floor, or people are a little smarter here than in Adelaide but I can't
find wifi at all. No matter. There's a computer downstairs, currently in use as I type this so I am writing on my PC while I wait for the pc downstairs.

i might try to write something more .. eloquent ..? later? I just dont have anything brilliant to say. I have been looking around all the local stores, I
haven't seen a JB Hifi (or a decent music store) so far and I may be going to Hamilton for a weekend trip to see an old friend. I hope everyone is doing
well. Any news? Gossip? Message me about it here, I am going to be so far behind by the time I get back online....

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Last night in Adelaide

September 6th, 2008 No comments

Reuben and Nina Live

Bit mellow for a Friday night, but I liked it. Waiting at the airport now. I have Adelaide Show footage too, that will have to wait till later.

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September 4th, 2008 No comments

Crazy away night from the net as I plann to get ready for my holiday. My first holiday in god knows how long. I’ll be in Queensland for three weeks, I don’t know how much net access I’ll have. I know I’ll have free internet when I’m in Adelaide (bless you Internode) but that’s only for the day. I’m told there’s net access close by, not too sure about wifi. The Gold Coast is a popular area, I’m sure to find something.

Thanks to 3Jam, I will have DM/mobile access so if anyone needs to contact me, just DM my twitter account tmofee. I also have my n95 with me so I’ll try to Qik you all my adventures. Stay safe everyone, And I will see you all online…


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