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And now more serious, politics.

October 23rd, 2008 3 comments

Going completely serious for a second, I’ve been reading Time and watching numerous American political debates. Not because I can fully understand the United States political system, more because the elections are probably the most interesting news-worthy moment for four years.

Now we have our own government sworn in for the next how-many years, it’s up to the Americans to entertain me. And I have to be honest, when it comes to scandals, The yanks do it so so so much better.

It helps me get my mind off our our current governmental situation here in Australia. The Prime Minister who promised the world and when he IS in Australia, is disappointing us time and time again, proving he’s more of the same. (apart from his home loan changes, which is helping me at the moment but which is kinda just keeping more up to date with current prices than much of a bonus, but anyways..) When I’m agreeing with the opposition leader some of the time, the man who I once told my father I’d never trust (one of the few times I agree with my father in current affairs), there’s something strange going on. Yes, Howard had to go. Now that Nelson is gone, Turnbull has stepped up and shocked me in some ways. To be honest I’d rather see Bob in the main chair but we all know that will never happen (and I disagree with him against Nuclear power. It’s something we NEED to do, just do safely).

You know whats funny? Rudd was all over social media when it came to election time. We all heard about his facebook profile etc etc. As soon as he got elected he ignores it. I don’t think he’s made an update since he’s inauguration speech. (Bob Brown still updates his, good on him…) The other Day Turnbull got on the twitter wagon. It’s pretty spare at the moment as he’s new but good on him for trying something which isn’t just a publicity stunt. I grin to think of pollies in the future during question time tapping away on their iphones, responding to people.. Hah.

Anyways, it’s sleep time now. Must crash before its ANOTHER late night.

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Timelash, Part 1

October 23rd, 2008 No comments

Tonight I watched “Timelash”, a rather maligned episode of the original series of Doctor Who, and twittered Episode 1 while I watched it. It took longer than expected, but I thought I’d add it here if anyone’s interested.

  • Watching “Time Lash” for the first time ever. Even the DVD extras warn me that this ep of Dr. Who is a turkey. May comment during…
  • First up, Doctor and Peri bickering. Typical. I like how Peri’s not digging the recommendation of the Eye of Orion…
  • Rebels hiding. “They’ll throw us in the Time Lash!” Maybe it’s the 80s, but that doesn’t sound frightening in the way they wanted
  • “That is a Time Corridor” No, THAT is some bad Amiga graphics that make Windows 95 look good.
  • Well, there’s Colin Baker’s first over the top loud expression. “Bad? BAD!!!!!!”
  • Back on future world, and it’s an Andorian whose lost his Antennae. And bad laser effects that looked better 5 years ago. WTF?
  • And now we have a redesigned set from Vengeance on Varos. It’s the same big TV screen from that episode.
  • A rebel slave with lipstick. And an evil man of mystery on a chair studded with diamonds. What are they trying to say?
  • I can tell you that in the distant future we will all evolve into people with upper class English accents.
  • “The Borat has promised…” THE BORAT!?!?!?!? *checks*, No, The Borad. Shame.
  • Oh The Bandrils. So THIS is where that nerdy Dr. Who injoke comes from..
  • The Andorian’s assistant has a haircut like one of the ABBA blokes. Geez, Andromeda in the future is regressing..
  • Mygod! The guards are wearing Bee veils! Are the Bandrils some sort of insect menace or is this bad BBC costuming??
  • The Timelash. Death by bad BBC fx. *shudder*
  • Boring plot development. Andorian sounds like Robbie the Robot. TARDIS is broken again.
  • “Cure your future wife, my daughter of her stubbornness” Oh, the wonderful 80s and their views.
  • Power mad leader going out of control, check. Not a lot of Dr/Peri in this ep.
  • Hah. Android/Andorian 2 has yellow hair/black skin instead of white hair/blue skin. Same actor. HOW CLEVER!!!
  • Belt up for Time Corridor. Cause the last couple of times involved sideways camera work, I mean turbulance.
  • Hahah. Aging death ray turns you into cheap fake skeleton you find in science labs.
  • Woops. Think Android is the same one. Hah. Turbulance in TARDIS means bad camera shots and chipmunk voices
  • Oh, Borat has met The Doctor before. Of course, not in an actual episode of the show…
  • Dr’s landed, necklaces of Peri’s are being stolen… The Doc’s not too happy on their progress. They know Time Lords here, though.
  • BWHAHAHAHA! The Bandrils! They look ridiculous! I bet they were expensive at the time too..
  • Poor Peri. She may have been annoying at times, but she put up with a lot with Doc 6.
  • And then she sticks her tongue out at alien plant life. Well done. Oh, there’s a kidnapping on the way…
  • Have to admit, the underground sets don’t look that bad, although you can hear the bang as Peri walks into styrofoam
  • Oh special effects of a self moving glass on a self made ojiga board, however you spell it. We’re finally back in time
  • Oh Peri, fear the plastic snake alien creature. It could of eaten you by the time help is on its way.
  • Oh! These people have a photo of Jo Grant! Nice old school reference!
  • “Herbert” thinks the lady from the future is a spirit. He’s not sure whether she is angel or demon, but is still looking after her.
  • Hahaha. Herbert’s answer to warding off the TARDIS is a crucifix and a bible.
  • Hahaha. “Herbert” (historical celebrity not revealed as yet) snuck into the TARDIS. Doc’s expression is priceless…
  • Hah. The Doctor in the “Timelash” as a cliffhanger. Surely a Time Lord can handle something like this
  • And that’s it. Must sleep now. Sorry for taking over the timeline…. Night night…

Well, that’s Part 1. I’ll try Part 2 tomorrow night with a little more alcohol cause I think I’m going to need it. Night all.

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Here, There and Everywhere

October 21st, 2008 No comments

1 – My Absence

Mainly I’ll have to say a whole heap of things. A little holiday comedown, a little trying to get back into the groove of working, Busy weekends and a lot of Warcraft. I’m still around and still watching, skimming some but always around.

2 – My videos

Tonight I spent some time uploading, downloading, converting, editing, reconverting and then uploading so I can cut a swear word from some holiday video. The quality isn’t the best now, but it’s youtube anyway. If you’d like to see some of my video while I was away, click here. Being my N95 I got to grab a little, but the file format it saves it makes it a headache. Any good decent video editors people can suggest to me? I’m eventually getting a video camera for next year’s cruise holiday and I’d like something I can use for editing and uploading. It’s getting lateish now, photos will follow tomorrow some time.

3 – Music

While I was away I got a handful of CDs which went on the good ol’ credit card. I got Death Magnetic, day after release day with my Eeepc. I enjoy the CD, but the mastering on the cd is terrible. It’s been over-compressed to make the CD louder. What’s funny is the version released for Guitar Hero 3 (which Australia is STILL waiting for) sounds better than the official CD release. It’s amazing. I can understand it’s becoming a standard these days on many big artists. I remember reading somewhere that Nirvana’s With The Lights Out suffers a similar fate as well. It’s sad that people are having to go backwards and buy vinyl to get the best quality for some albums. And you can’t blame the technology any more. We’ve long gone past the point where digital transfers sound terrible. (want to know what I mean? grab a CD from the 80s which still has the “how to handle a CD” warning in the cover. the quality will be average compared to, say, the band/artists Best Of next to it). It’s more about being louder on the radio than making a decent sounding album. We have the volume control if we want to crank it….

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60 Minutes Idiots

October 5th, 2008 No comments

60 Minutes – The youth and debt to Old and staying young.

This world is full of idiots.

Went out last night for the first time in a long long time. Broken Hill friend and partner were in town, so we went to the usual hangout in Mildura, actually saw three locals that I know. One was just good to see and catch up since she left her last job. The other I vented to about something that’s been frustrating me for a long time. She entirely agreed with me. Will things change in my life here? Who knows. Still good to rant about something I can’t really talk to my friends who don’t live here. Got stupidly drunk though. Lucky no work came in today. With all the booze and the loss of an hour due to daylight savings, it was a lazy day. Not a lazy night, though. Going to start cleaning and ironing soon. Have to. Dad’s here on Monday evening for work and also some house hunting. It’s frightening but hey eventually happen. Just wish I wasn’t buying a house by myself.

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