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Gordon Ramsay – Humbie Pie (review)

December 26th, 2008 Comments off

Please excuse me if there a little more spelling errors than usual – I’m away on my little eeepc and I still havent properly gotten used to the tiny keyboard yet.

Read Humble Pie today by Gordon Ramsay. In typical Terry reading style I think this is a record. The only other novel i finished in one day was Fight Club, and that’s because it’s such a tny book.

What’s it about? It’s Ramsay’s Autobiography and it’s not too bad. After reading his novel, you can tell why he is the way he is. Abusive, terrible childhood onto abusive reactions from some of the best chefs in the world. I’m not saying he’s an absolute bastard, but you can tell why he loses his temper and why he expects perfection in the kitchen. After working his arse off from nothing, you’re damn right he’s not going to settle for second best.

Even going into his personal life, he’s quite up to admitting he’s not alwys been a model citizen. What’s surprising though given his “take no nonsense” approach to life is how much he constantly gives to his junky brother in his life. I have to say, that chapter seems like more “here’s my side of the story” than anything else – at books release his brother was going to the tabloids and talking about Gordon to feed his habit.

Apart from that, he doesn’t talk about his wife or family too much. Focuses on his early years and his legal woes there to his restaurant empire and beng on TV. He kind of brushes through those difficult early years when he was working for some very dodgy characters. Understandable I suppose, but sometimes your left going “who is he talking about here, again?” I’ve heard his second biography book is more about the business side to it all. Maybe he talks about it more there? Anyways, I like reading about these peoples lives, not their business lives. I don’t think I’ll get the second book.

This book was good, but his style of writing felt a bit impersonal, like it was hard enough for him to write what he has. Almost if he were telling this to a reporter and not his diary. I recently read Richard Hammond’s book about his terrible crash and that felt far more personal. Still worth the read and not as much swearing at all in it. What’s got into you, man!

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Utterz Time!

December 25th, 2008 No comments

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December 25th, 2008 No comments

Sorry, I had to put at least a nerdy picture in here, otherwise it wouldn’t be me. Tried to find the killer Christmas tree from a few years back, but I don’t have my DVDs handy. Back in the home town for Christmas day and a few days later so I’m going to miss The Next Doctor until I get back. Of course I’ll be scouring the web for spoilers and youtube links (however long they last).

I hope you all have a wonderful day. I’ll try to update now and again through my mobile pics. Nothing started as of yet, still cooking at the moment.



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Unboxing @thevixy ‘s Present

December 23rd, 2008 2 comments


Just received my xmas pressie from the wonderful @thevixy and thought I’d upload it all for you. 🙂

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Paul Kelly touring! And updates..

December 22nd, 2008 No comments

I’m still around. Time has returned to some normality here in my area. Well, normal as Christmas will allow. Have two days to sort work stuff out, and pack and go back to the Hill for Christmas. Wish me luck.

I’m actually staying for a few extra days – My father (boss) will be swapping with me so I get to spend time with Mum (sister will be back in Adelaide) and catch up with another good friend. Expect more tweets and blog posts than usual, I’ll be bored and I doubt I’m going to have time to prepare the PSP before I have to go. Well, I have about a dozen or so episodes of Fringe, might even take back a couple of seasons of Buffy and actually get to properly watch it. I also have a friend in The Hill who has a more impressive DVD collection than me. I can always annoy him too.. 😉

Went and did a job today out at Wentworth visitors centre. Run of the mill job, but I got talking to the lady and Paul Kelly is coming to the Mildura area for a concert next year in March. Aussies will probably know who I’m talking about, but for the Americans he’s a well respected singer/songwriter that’s been around since the 80s. He doesn’t have the chart hits like he used to, but he’s still well respected and continues to sell albums. His last album had some surprising political tones (God told me to) for him. Here’s a link to one of his more well known songs –


(woops, I forgot he had some success as Paul Kelly and the Messengers in the US during the 80s. No matter)

Most interesting about the concert, it’s not even inside – out at the Perry Sandhills, a beautiful place all tourists should discover if ever travelling past Mildura way.

I’m certainly going. I can’t find any other information about who else is playing (be awesome if his nephew Dan Kelly was playing, but doubtful) but it’s good to see some more live music around this way. Live music is always hard to see in remoter areas of Australia.

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My new house

December 17th, 2008 No comments


A quick tour, if you will, of my new, my own house in Mildura. Excuse the mess 😉

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