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Superman Social Media

January 5th, 2009 No comments
@thevixy and @tmofee talk about Hancock, Social Media and the holidays..

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Matt Smith is Doctor Who #11

January 4th, 2009 No comments

Can you believe it? I’m shocked an genuinely surprised. This guy will be the next Doctor Who.

I went to bed last night. Very late. Not because I was staying up waiting for the announcement, more because of World of Warcraft ;). I had my bets down that it would be James Nesbitt. I could see him playing a more crazy character than Tennant and he’s worked with Steven Moffat before on Jekyll. But no! Like a few people tried to tell me that it would be an unknown for the role. They used to do that with The Doctors in the past – get actors who had worked more in theatre than on TV/Movies but since the show has restarted they have gotten actors who may not be the biggest names, but at least well known. Chris had been in Amercian films, David’s starred in a whole lot of good TV (as well as Harry Potter) before getting the role.

He’s so young! I can’t believe that the new Doctor is a year younger than me! Even Peter Davison was 29 when he got the role! It’s going to bring an interesting part to the character. A Time Lord, well experienced with Time, Spaced and whatever is going to be looked down upon by many others in the show as some punk kid. Probably the most interesting thing I thought about was the relationship with River Song. If she does return and she’s not a one off character, how can they really hook up a 26 year old guy with a 45 year old woman? Moffat has said in interviews that River has seen future versions of the Doctor. My guess is have Doc 10 and River have something between them and then regenerate him! Have her deal with a very very younger man than she expected. It’s been said that she is meant to be The Doctor’s wife. Now I very much doubt they’ll go that far but it would be an interesting part of the show to have The Doctor finally fall for someone and then change. We’ll see I suppose.

Here’s a clip from the BBC youtube page. This is taken from the Confidential special they showed last night in the UK. What do you all think?

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