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Cruise Update, the end (i’ve put this off long enough…)

September 16th, 2009 No comments

As I update my Apple TV with the latest Boxee software (seriously, Apple. get off your asses and offer better formats for the Apple TV and I wouldn’t have to do this every couple of months..)

I haven’t done a conclusion for my wonderful Cruise. To be honest I don’t want to admit it’s over. Oh don’t worry it’s back to the same ol’ BS here in Mildura. Has been for some time.

So? Yes, it was an experience of a lifetime. Something I want to save up and do again in a few years. On the newer boat they’ve got coming. Apparently this one won’t fit under the bridge, The Dawn only JUST got under, so be interesting to see the next boat..

The islands were amazing, but you gotta feel sorry for the people there. We didn’t go on any official package tours at all, just mainly wandered around like a tourist looking at all of the places. Some of them we were barely there for an hour. Just a sit down, shoot some video, relax, watch the locals with their bands, or tribal things (while us tourist gawk) and head back to the boat. Vanuatu was a favorite of my uncles though, and he took us to places that weren’t part of any packaged deals. First we got a good deal with a taxi driver and headed to some absolutely beautiful waterfalls (and soaked my chucks, but they survived to see another day) and truly felt like I was wandering around the set of an episode of Lost. (there was this cool as hell tree that reminded me of that huge bark one some of the Losties hid in when smokey was after them…) We then went to this beach where no P&O people went to. All the people there were staying at the resort. I dried my shoes while they all went scuba diving (sorry, it’s never been my thing, water..) I was just truly relaxing though to chill out and not have to worry about a thing.

I have lots of footage to go through. My camera likes to make a new file every time I hit pause, so I need something good for Windows that will let me paste some of it together with some podsafe music in the background. I did buy the expensive DVD set of the official ship camera people, and seriously. Video wasn’t bad but you can hardly hear anything on it. Haven’t watched the islands one yet, trying to catch up on all the tv shows as well 🙂 I did get a bit of reading done – half way through Snow Crash, I need to pick it up again and finish it off.

Funny things were the ocasional mistakes on the ship. Towards to Fiji, about 8ish in the morning we were all sleeping in when there was this loud “BANG” as you heard the anchors rolling down into the ocean blue. I didn’t bother check the time, just thought we were at the point we needed to be for the tenders (the boats) that take us to shore. About ten minutes later the Captain apologizes for the power loss and he instantly let the anchors down when the boat had nothing. I didn’t notice the lack of power of course as we had a room with a porthole and so needed no lights on, especially when the sun was shining in. Also one day two of the tenders actually hit each other! I didn’t see it happening, but I saw one of the staff later jumping into the water looking for something which had fallen off the boat (mind you, it was pretty shallow water, you could see the bottom, if a tiny bit deep.. but still).

Probably the most downer thing on the entire trip was the illnesses. Being cooped up on a ship for so long with all of those people, of course something is going to happen. About half way through a nasty case of Gastro swept the ship, which luckily I missed (funny thing, I catch it on dry land a week later from someone in Mildura. And it was not pretty) but caught the flu/cold that was going around. My system kicked it in a few days, but my uncle got hit pretty hard with it. Hygene was always pretty tight on the ship (everywhere that served food had those bottles of quick drying alcohol stuff you rub on your hands) but after people got sick, the servers were not allowed to touch your charge cards and food that you usually grabbed with tongs was served by the staff, which took twice as long. But hey, you gotta do these things when people get sick.

So, I’ll definitely do it again, for sure. Wait till the new boat comes and see how much bigger and flashier the next one is. Spose I better start saving soon 😉

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