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Doctor Who – New Children In Need Teaser

November 21st, 2009 No comments

Every year without fail, The Doctor Who crew usually have a small present for the annual telethon. Some years it’s been small clips of what is yet to come, other years it’s especially made mini-episodes. Unfortunately, the rest of the world misses out until the boxset is released the following year but thanks to youtube, it’s not long until it’s out online.

Russell has been teasing for quite a while that it would be a small part of the next episode of the Dr. Who 2009 episodes, and I almost didn’t believe him after the dark ending to The Waters of Mars when in this The Doctor immediately starts joking around. But it is legit, what the name of the episode is yet is still anyone’s guess – The End of Time is in fact the finale episode’s name.

So, Hurry up Christmas! At least we have a new animated episode to keep us occupied until then. And after many hints in Dr. Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures, they’re finally going to show us The Roswell aliens in The Who universe. Typical Greys? Or something different?? Hmmmm

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RIP, Dollhouse

November 13th, 2009 No comments

To be fair, I kinda saw this coming. “Joss working with FOX again” sent alarm bells ringing for me, regardless of who is in control behind the scenes. There is a complete second series, so the fans do get some sort of closure by the end of the year.

To be honest, I’m not a massive Joss nut like some people online. I watched the first season of Buffy, enjoyed it but nothing was drawing me back to continue watching. I have the complete collection, who knows, I may change my mind down the road. LOVED firefly, it was that breath of fresh air the sci fi genre has been looking for a while..

I watched till about the middle of the first season of Dollhouse. Was enjoyable enough, but there really wasn’t anything to keep me coming back week after week to see what happens. Sure, there was enough mystery but I didn’t flat out enjoy it like I did Firefly. I got distracted and told myself I’d start again when the boxset came out. That’s usually a good indication it’s so so, or I’m really really busy. Choose one 😉

I do feel sorry for Joss, since Buffy’s & Angel’s depature from the screen, he hasn’t had much luck bringing his vision to life. People all over the net are yelling him to go completely digital – I do remember reading somewhere that Joss said this was TV’s last chance for him. Unfortunately, going completely web means we’ll see a very different Joss. No chance will all of these actors/actresses will go to web and get the same amount of cash. And the amount made will also be very very slower too. Unfortunately, the money isn’t really there yet. We can’t expect the next Stargate Universe or whatever to premiere online. Joss does have a big fanbase, though. Can he get that fanbase to support him with his next project? We do have another Dr. Horrible on the way, but i think that’s more of a pet project for him. I do love it, but can you imagine a 22 episode season of all singing? Ehhh, maybe not.

There is promise, however. Sanctuary may have been picked up by syfy, but 90% of that show is green screen and the cost comparison to say Dollhouse must be massive! Get himself some new and upcoming talent, a new and original idea and one decent backer and you’d have the hit of the year. Joss is pretty switched on. I hope he doesn’t give up here. There’s plenty of bad TV out there, and I bet he’s still got an idea or two in that noggin of his 😉

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Randoms from the 12th of November

November 12th, 2009 No comments

There’s nothing worse than getting a message on your phone to call some skin specialists in Adelaide back.

Luckily I just owed them money 😉 Rather that bad news than other stuff 😛

The GF is away, AGAIN, lucky sod. Well I say lucky as she’s in Melbourne having a hell of a time. Tomorrow she goes to see Britney live, so perhaps not so much. Fear not, as I have a live concert on Friday night. I get to see The Hilltop Hoods. Sure, they may not sing either, but they don’t try and pretend either 😉

Just finished the first novel of the Dr. Who New Adventures. Will try and write up a post tomorrow. I know they have little to do with the new series (apart from the odd story/reference) but I enjoyed the darker/adult tone they took with them. Well, not so much for the first book. Ooops, I’ll keep that until later.

I’ve fallen in love with my Best ever Smooth Jazz vol. 2 CD again. I’m so glad for random events in my life. That Bathurst work road trip found me music I would normally NEVER listen to. 🙂

Gnight 🙂

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