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Zombieland and life in general…

December 16th, 2009 2 comments

Just went and saw Zombieland. Bloody hell was that hella fun. It’s very much like an American styled version of Shaun of the Dead. Sure, it can’t beat the brillance of that film, but it’s the third zombie film I have ever sat through (i’m not a fan of gore…). Woody kicking ass and having fun killing the undead in the amusement park just slayed me. And Billy Murray’s cameo was made of pure win. The kid reminded me way too much of Michael Cera for my liking but was so so fun. Unfortunately my two movie going companions had already seen the film before and was laughing coming up to the funny parts, but I’ll let that slide. Oh god, I bet the people behind us really really hated us. They were pretty quiet and I lost it a few times during that film. If it’s not subtle British comedy, dark humor does it for me everytime (I was the only one to laugh during points of American Psycho). That’s a Bluray purchase. Well, once the finances are in some kind of order.

Speaking of which, fark. The garage door has shit itself AGAIN. Also something I have ignored with maitenance I think is going to kick me in the arse. The guy says “why haven’t you got this converted already?” (note – they repaired it back in Feb and he warned me about it then). My repsonse – “Well, let’s see. I’m single (yes, that didn’t work out. eh. shit happens as Forest says), paying off a house and living on my own. Forking out 400 something dollars when I don’t have to straight away isn’t on the top of my list.” So… It’s either going to cost me 400 or if it’s too fucked, about a grand once it finally dies in the arse. Cross fingers for me I’ve haven’t left it too late.

Oh yeah. The ants have returned. After xmas, I swear. I’m hanging out to buy a new computer and this bloody credit card seems to drop very slowly…

That’s it for the while. Going to go eat some dinner and catch up on some TV. Got some Daily Show to watch.

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