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The Ipad??

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Dear Steve

You’re kidding, right? You know the jokes we can make here, right?? Ehh, maybe cause it’s too easy. I’m not too sure.

Looking at it now, it basically looks like a glorified ebook replacement. A large version of the Ipod Touch. No Flash (despite its hate its still sadly used), no USB ports, Iphone OS so really only one app open at the same time. I honestly thought maybe the software would be a hybrid between the normal OS and the Iphone one. Kind of a shame. I know you say netbooks are cheap and gimmicky, but the fact is the average netbook IS, and yet can do a lot more than this Ipad.

My biggest gripe is there’s no tethering, as far as I can tell. So here’s another dataplan you have to add on top of your net at home, and your mobile plan. I never go over my 1GB limit on my telephone plan. I’d like the option to bluetooth to my iphone and use that.

Still, looks pretty. The ibook will be interesting overseas. No surprises it’s not getting a release here. And an app version of Iwork – smart move. I’ve never been too sold on the gaming aspect of Apple – For me portable gaming still needs buttons of some kind, like a PSP or a Nintendo machine. That’s the old school gamer in me.

By the time I get around to purchasing a machine, I still think it’s going to be a macbook of some sort. Just have to be a 13″ version, the smallest one they have. They’re not TOO heavy to lug around, are they???

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Terry’s Two Cents – The Tablet

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Oh, Tablet Tablet Tablet. If you’ve spent more than five minutes on the net this week you would of heard the rumours and gossip over the “Apple Tablet” that’s being announced tomorrow. Typical Apple, there’s been no official announcement as yet, but there’s book publishers talking about it on TV (and really, that guy doesn’t deserve the backlash he’s getting. it’s not like he hasn’t said something the rest of the world already knows anyways..) so it’s pretty much a given at this point. Apple fanbois are all excited – these official announcements are like Christmas to them. I shall be wary at this point. Will it “change the history of tech forever like the iphone” like some are hyping?? I’m not too sure. Here’s my two cents anyways..

The Apple ebook reader.

Withe the early slip by the McGraw Hill guy yesterday, this much is certain. Should the Amazon people be worried? I say yes. Although it may not have the battery power and life of the kindle, this thing will be in colour, have more options than the kindle software and be able to display graphics with ease. Amazon have pretty much failed when it comes to international support of the Kindle. Only recently have they finally made an international version, and the content available outside of the US is pitiful. Apple will surely want to give this to everywhere there is an imac or iphone available. This means the “ebook store” will most definitely stock way more overseas and get way more sales. I know it’s a tricky legal battle uphill to please all publishers across the globe, but they did it with the music industry AND the TV networks, this will be a piece of cake for them at this point.

Also, with the better colour options and graphics, this could very well work for not only newspapers, but for magazines as well. Imagine that – having a decent price to pay for your magazines instead of the 20 plus dollars so you can get the NME imported from the UK… Also with comics – the big two have been experimenting with online comics for a little while – not everyone has access to a decent comic book store (when I was into it, i used to order online from a store in Sydney, 1000ks away…) comic scenes on bittorrent are getting away with murder, it would be good to get access to some of the archives, that some may want to read but not fork over the big bucks on ebay just so they can read the origins of their favourite superhero…

A Macbook Replacement ??

I’m going to go a little off centre here – what about the portable computer market? Apple have always said they weren’t into that whole thing. Still, I would love a smaller Macbook so I can take it away with me. Sure, 13 inch laptop isn’t exactly HUGE, but when you’re going away the smaller the better. If they offer options to say, plug in USB hard discs, or DVD drives, could it be a basic simple to use computer when going away on holidays?? I eventually need a smaller machine for my next holiday, and the ol’ eeepc just doesn’t cut it in the long run. It’s the perfect size but the processor power struggles with Win XP, and ubuntu is still sadly a joke in many ways. Sure, it won’t be able to run imovie or make a DVD, but that’s not what I want it for. I’d like it to have wifi (and the option to tether with my iphone), an option for external HDDs (mainly so I can drag my videos off of my handycam when it gets full, and for the odd film I can’t fit on it :P) and some simple, straight forward web browsing, email, itunes access etc. Iphone OS of some sort is going to run on this, so the apps can probably be made for stuff like this, and it would be very handy to pull out the slim tablet and start to type something out in a word file using the on screen keyboard… I don’t need all the power of a macbook to do these things. That’s why I have an imac for.

I suppose we shall see tomorrow. I like a good tech announcement, but please forgive me if I don’t wet myself and giggle at some of the “over-enthusiastic” people around the internets at the moment. I do like my tech toys, but still own PCs, Xbox 360 and whatnot. I love all tech. 😛

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well, that’s a surprise

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Last week I dropped my iphone and cracked the front of the screen. What annoys me the most is, that it happened at home, while sitting on my lounge where it fell out of my hand onto one of the plates I was previously using for Pizza. I think that’s the most annoying bit out of it all. If it were out on the street, or rushing somewhere, I’d totally understand. If the plate wasn’t there, it would of just bounced and been fine. I’m sure the Apple guy was smirking today when I told him.

That’s the big surprise, I can’t believe how easy and simple it was to call them, them to get my details and sort everything. Within ten minutes he had given me a number, a sheet to print out and BOOM! Off to the Post Office, where THEY get one of their own packing boxes and sort it out for you. God knows how much that must cost Apple altogether each year. Sure, I have to pay to get the screen replaced, but it was my own fault…. Probably Internode and Apple are  the only tech support numbers I’ve ever called and not come away with a migraine afterwards.

Being sucked into Dragon Age : Origins at the moment. If you like single player RPGs, this is probably THE best game I have ever played. So much gameplay, such clever and well thought out character design where influences and disapprovals by your companions completely changes the storyline. And its got many difficulty settings so a uber-noob like me can actually play and not get frustrated and stuck somewhere. I’ve only done two areas and I have so so much still to go on. Haven’t even started the Downloadable Content yet….

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Cruise ’09 – Noumea, New Caledonia

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Date: Thursday, 20th August, 2009

Noumea was a lot better than I previously remember. I went when I was around 12ish. The day was freezing, It rained all day and it wasn’t that different from what we left in Sydney, I thought at the time. This time around, however I was a little older, a little wiser and actually enjoyed myself. It’s probably the most commercial when it comes to all of the Pacific islands, but after the drive we had hours to kill and that’s when I truly enjoyed myself. I returned to the ship, dropped off my handycam and just wandered the city like I belonged there. Beautiful parks, shops all around (although not much to buy! I never did find a music store on the island, probably plenty and I passed them all).

I know it sounds odd, but I love wandering supermarkets. Seeing all the same stuff just that little bit different, in a completely different language. For some reason, Twisties are MASSIVE over there. Maybe it’s got something to do with a cultural thing, or something which doesn’t translate well, but the normal slogan “Life’s pretty straight without Twisties” to “Life’s great with Twisties”. I have no idea. 😛

The boat was late to set off that night because two people were late in returning?? Where were they?? Why, McDonalds of course. Go all this way and you get junk food at Maccas. To be honest I was tempted to go there just so I could order a “Royale with Cheese” (which is probably bullshit. but a giggle)

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Cruise ’09 – The Sydney Sailout

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Date: Monday, 17th August, 2009

Finally getting around to doing my holiday video from my Cruise last year on the Pacific Dawn. imovie is a little annoying in parts, but it’s bloody easy to use and simple to get going. Once I figured out that the video from my handycam will only work while it’s STILL on the camera, and not off (seriously? WTF?) it was simple enough to import, cut and choose what bits I want. And cut out the naughty words my uncle says so I can get it on youtube without getting into trouble.

This is the first of many. Unfortunately (or fortunate, if you look at it that way, thanks…) because of the ten minute limit on youtube it’s going to take a little chopping once I’ve done my version that I’m going to put onto DVD. The Noumea van drive around the island is being converted and created as I speak. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the trip. I’m definitely going on another of these trips 🙂

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