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Lost – The Lighthouse Review

February 25th, 2010 No comments

Welcome to the latest review of Lost, where Jack certainly does NOT want to be a lighthouse keeper and we get a whole new generation of Daddy issues for him!

If someone with a knife to your leg asks if you are still friends, YOU SAY YES!! πŸ˜›

This week there’s a lot of things happening in real 2007. Hurley’s on his (what seems) to be twentieth game of Plant naughts and crosses with (whatever happened to scribbling in the dirt?) where Jacob comes back and tells him to get a pen – He’s got work to do. Looks like now that Jacob’s dead Hugo’s the little errand boy, seeming that he’s the only guy who can see dead people. He doesn’t manage to find a Dharma notepad, so he’s arms all blue with instructions. Apparently he’s got to take Jack to some lighthouse where they can light it and summon someone who will help. After a brief encounter with Dogen, Jacob teaches Hurley the magic words he wishes he knew all the way back in Season 1 – “I’m a candidate”. Firefly fans try and decipher the harsh language Dogen spits out and from then on it’s a mainly a few character moments with Jack and Hurley. There’s one point when Hurley says “This is like the good ol’ days!” which is replied by a foul look by Jack. Mind you, foul looks is pretty much all you get from Jack in this episode. He’s had a gutful again. He thought that the island would “fix” him, never mind looking within himself to find out why he feels like this. We stumble across the old cave and Adam & Eve, where Hurley gives a few ideas (maybe they’re time travelers from the dinosaur age? My guess at the moment is Rose and Bernard) and Jack and Hurley are both amazed that they have never seen a lighthouse on the island before. I’m surprised the “Somebody else’s problem field” has worked for this long. Douglas Adams would be proud.

In the lighthouse, we see those silly old numbers again. Matched up to names. When Jack lines it up to his number (despite the instructions by Jacob) we see Jack’s childhood house. Before we get to see what’s behind Hurley’s window, Jack smashes up the glass. He’s realised that Jacob’s been manipulating them all for a very long time. Outside Hurley’s one to add to this list as well – this was all to get Hurley and Jack out of the Temple, and to show Jack that’s he’s important. They’re certainly playing Jack up as the reluctant hero. I just wish he was less emo about it all. It gets a little annoying from Jack after a while..

Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, we return to Jin and Claire’s last encounter. In the three years since we last saw Claire, she really has turned batshit insane. We have Rousseau 2.0. She’s got her little camp setup packed with traps, dynamite, the works. One of the fellows from last week wasn’t exactly dead. Jin wakes up next to this tied up guy, Justin (for the 80s kids, it’s in fact BLT from Degrassi Jnr High. Remember him?) who pleads Jin to let him go, Claire is batshit crazy. Well, Jin soon discovers this fact himself. Claire thinks they’re hiding Aaron in the Temple. Jin lets slip what really happens, but covers it up quickly. Claire’s relieved, if Kate DID look after Aaron, she’d have to kill her too. And Claire REALLY doesn’t want that. Just before she starts hearing voices, or a three headed monkey, Jin is saved by Claire’s new friend. Well, she says “friend”, I say Flocke. Jin, be scared πŸ˜‰ Does that mean Christian WAS Smokey? Or is he a completely different character in the jungle? Be interesting to see how that one goes and whether we see Christian in the normal timeline again…

As for Earth-A, or alternate timeline, WE HAVE MORE DADDY ISSUES!! πŸ™‚ This time around though, it’s with Jack’s son. Yeah, even I went “WTF” there. Starting off he seems like most teenagers – Emo, Sulky, resentful… But we find he’s an akward kid whose father/son relationship is very much like how Jack and Christian were. Jack and his (less bitchy) mother go rummaging around Christians things looking for his will, and, of course, we find out about Claire, but that story is cut short and we return to Jack looking for his son David. He’s run out. Not back to his mother’s house, or to some club on a drug bender, but TO PIANO PRACTICE?? Looks like David’s issue is he’s afraid he can never live up to his fathers expectations. We have a sweet moment and it’s also kind of sad – back in the original Earth during Hugo and Jack’s walk, Jack scoffs at one point announcing “I’d be a terrible father. I could never have kids”.. At least we know in this timeline he doesn’t have one…

Wasn’t a bad episode at all. Jack is never my favourite character to explore. It does seem that’s he’s having a better attempt at life on Earth-A, though. He gets along with Mother, even though he’s broken up with his wife (that’s an interesting question to see) he still has a pretty good kid and has given up the booze… As for the rest? it just seems that these characters we’re watching week after week have been manipulated into this final showdown that is coming soon. More of a build up, but still interesting TV πŸ™‚

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New Doctor Who trailer Released!

February 21st, 2010 No comments

I think the post says it all, really. What do you think?? The visual style is different, but cool. it’s got a much more modern feel – even more so than the RTD work. Hard to explain, but there’s a much more younger feel. I just really hope that with Steven’s influence he doesn’t make it too kiddy. I have faith, though. He wrote Coupling, and that’s not the most family suitable show in the world… πŸ˜‰

Is that going to be the new vortex look?? If it is, cue fanboi hatred in 5, 4, 3, … Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but such a massive change to the style will have people talking.

As for the music, I really really like it. I could feel a more modern rock/indie influence in the background there. I was worried Murray Gold was running out of ideas by the end of Tennant’s run. We had so many memorable tracks in the early days which kind of faded to “okay, but nothing you’d write home about” come season 4/specials time. And to tease us with the old theme! It’s been reported that he’s redoing the theme song for the new series as well. Guess we’ll have to wait for that.

So we have an Easter release! It’s a shame it’s not a late March release again, but hey, I’d be happy to give them another month if it means a better overall bunch of episodes.

A few notes – Has anyone else noticed that the Daleks are the old-school style Daleks? Are we seeing a bunch of the Daleks from before the whole Time War? They also had Time Travel tech, and it would be interesting at the end having the let the Daleks go, knowing full well that to kill them off now would be bad…

Weeping Angels – This one is a given. Let’s hope they’re as frightening as they were before…

Let the countdown begin πŸ˜‰

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Lost – The Substitute Review

February 18th, 2010 No comments

So I’m back for the week and we get to see John’s side story, and his New story, as The new Man in Black (apologies to Johnny Cash). Oh, yeah, SPOILERS as usual.

Locke was really getting sick of receiving all that Dharma spam in his inbox.

This week is John Locke’s turn at the sideways swipe. This time, however, things are different AND the same. John obviously had a healthier relationship with his father (yet STILL ended up in a wheelchair, how does that happen??) and is happily engaged to Leela, err, I mean Helen. No sex lines for THIS Locke πŸ˜‰ He still tries to go on his walkabout, however, and is denied. What we get this time is more of the asshole boss, who ends up firing him and Locke bumps into the owner of the paper company, one Hugo Reyes (who never twigs seeing a bald wheelchair guy on the plane earlier, or vice versa) who still basks in luck in the alt-universe, and offers to help John with a new job.

Basically we see John agonize over the card given to him by Jack in the second episode during their past encounter. He decides to stop believing in Miracles and hopes that Helen can accept him for who he is and not keep holding onto a hope that one day he’ll walk again. It’s a sweet moment.

Back in Timeline A,Β  Fake Locke (or Flocke as he is known around the Lost forums) is running and ca-chinking around the island in hope to recruiting some people to his cause. His kidnap of everlasting Richard last week doesn’t help a bit – he refuses and ca-chinks back over to ex-Otherstown where Kate has tearfully left and somehow there’s still enough power for Sawyer to crank some Iggy and the Stooges on the turntable, and I crank the speakers for a few minutes :).

Back on the beach, not too much happens. IIlana sooks a little about her dead crew. I don’t know why. Maybe they’re some sort of “off-island Jacob cult” and very close, but until these last couple of weeks, she’s seemed not much more than a muscle group here to help Jacob. However she scoops up some of Jacob’s ashes, buries Locke, and decide to all go to the temple, but before (of course) will have all sorts of zany adventures and stay out of the way until needed just before mid-break finale, where they will most definitely tease us with the Sun/Jin meetup as a cliffhanger…

Back in ex-Otherstown, James in his drunken state has gotten to the point where he just doesn’t CARE anymore about the weirdness of the island. I want to say he takes it all in his stride, but it’s more than that. More of a resignation in some ways. It’s very sad. Still, Flocke offers him answers and after a run around in the jungle with a warning by Richard and some creepy little kid, we fall down a rickety old ladder (good question – how in the hell are they getting back UP that cliff-face for next week?) and Flocke throws a white stone out in the ocean. I was right about the ying/yang thing. There are two sides to this show. Whoever Jacob WAS and Flocke IS, they are the ying/yang to all of this. Stands to reason whether black is evil and white is good… We see a large list of crossed out people, the list of the dead. The remaining on the list are the main characters. Jack, either Sun or Jin, Sawyer, Hurley and Sayid, all accompanied by those good ol’ numbers (according to the show, Jacob was a bit of a maths nerd). For once, we GET SOME ANSWERS! Jacob/Flocke were once men like them, Jacob is there to protect the island. Flocke, most probably, is chaos. Chaos/Order, anyone? Someone needs to replace Jacob, and “the list”, are the candidates. The remaining main cast of this show. Flocke gives him the options 1. Do nothing, and get struck off of the list (does that mean die, though, or be removed as a candidate?), 2. Become Jacob’s successor, or 3. Get off the island with Flocke, which is all that Flocke has ever wanted to do. And just as Sawyer decides, “stuff it, let’s leave”, it’s credits time.

i liked this episode. Out of all of the characters in this show, it seems that they let John Locke suffer the most. Nothing in this guys life ever seems to work out. Here though, despite his disability, he’s doing alright. He learns to deal with his drawbacks, and becomes a better person, something he couldn’t really do on the island as he was chasing faith every week. Locke’s a believer, and all this mystical shit is like Heroin to Charlie… In the real word of Timeline B, he’s decided – “enough dreaming, time to grow up a little”. It’s sad that I feel like all of this “what if” is going to be swept under the rug somehow, and we’re going to be left with the John Locke we buried this week.

The secrets? It’s good to finally, (if slowly) see some answers. My big question is do they ALL need to be part of what is to come? Is it destined? Something they can’t escape? The way Flocke was talking to Sawyer, it sounded like Death will be certain if he chooses not to take this path. We’ll see. And what about Jacob/Flocke? Did they come in the times of the Black Rock? Did these two replace some other people? Is it a never ending battle that started at the beginning, like the Egyptian times? I’m happy to see the black/white side though. And I like the little moment with Timeline B’s Locke’s alarm clock sounding very much like the alarm that the hatch used to make. Great episode and well done enough to keep us fans guessing and thinking for the week to come. πŸ™‚

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So Hot

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This is how I’m feeling 90% of the time. It’s kind of odd. I usually enjoy summer. Well, more than winter, that’s for sure. This year though it just feels like it’s drailing the life out of me. Also, while the rest of the country is either getting some decent storms, ortoo much rain, Mildura is being passed by. The last time it rained was about 3 days ago or so. And it was in the middle of the night and lasted minutes. Literally minutes. So perhaps its envy? I don’t know. Either way, I’m not trusting the weather man and keeping the watering out the front up.

Had the family here most of the the weekends lately. Had Auntie here, weekend before, Mum and Dad, weekend before that, other auntie. It’s like this is becoming the new Broken Hill (my home town) or something. Also, remind me not to drink Carlton Draught again. Woke up in the middle of the night with a serious headache, I’m talking migraine almost. Something obviously didn’t agree with me with that beer. It’s kind of odd, I used to drink that all of the time when I lived in Wagga Wagga, with no ill effects. (this is before Pure Blonde). Maybe drinking all this Low Carb, low preservatives Beer has agreed with my body. Who knows. Went to my fathers friends house after heading out to the drags where I fall asleep and start snoring in front of them all. Classy. I think i’ll give the Carlton a miss next time. And the bad thing is, I MAYBE had 4?? God I’m useless πŸ™‚

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Lost – What Kate Does Review

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SPOILERS, As usual…

In which we see Kate’s story as a girl on the run again, and Sayid finally gets a taste of his own medicine..

Deep breath, Claire. You’re about to go into Labour. AGAIN. πŸ˜‰

So this week we return to the flash-sideways? Is that a good way of putting it? Kate and Claire are in the taxi running for their lives and as soon as we get rid of the unimportant taxi man, it’s all about them. What I think they’re doing with these sideways stories is showing us a more “what if”, alternative universe, much like the new Star Trek movie and that their lives wouldn’t have been that much different if their plane didn’t crash. It begs the question “if that’s so, how did Jack etc end up back in the current day?” but even I scratch my head at that one. Best way I think.

I mean, look at it. The adopted couple end up not being able to keep the baby and Claire ends up going into premature labour. Apart from a nice little cameo from Ethan, or Dr. Goodspeed (obviously the Rom surname was a pseudonym of some sort) Claire decides to keep the baby and Kate ends up caring for Claire way more than she should.

I have to say, I have to giggle about poor old Artz copping it episode after episode. He must be a character the writers delight on making him suffer. πŸ™‚

Back in the original timeline?? Sayid comes back from the dead and he gets a red hot poker, and some electrodes on the nipples, and DEFINITELY not in the kinky way. I mean, Sayid’s alright, but it would of been a nice moment where he goes “now I know how they all felt…” or something like that. Sawyer cops a brief comment before leaving, but he’s gone by the time the event happens. As for magical Sayid? The Gods champions? Claire playing for the “white” side (or if Jacob IS the good side) and Sayid being on the “black”, or Smokey’s side. The rest of that story was drawn way out as the whole group go “woah” and Jack and The mysterious Chinese guy get into a pissing competition about who is cooler and whatnot. Withholding information this late in the game?? Better start coughing up the answers soon, boys, we’ve only got one season left….

As for Sawyer, you really get the sense that he truly has lost everything. Finally finds love in Juliet and he gets it cruelly taken away from him. Kate follows out of a sense of… what? Love still? She says to Sawyer the reason she came back was for Claire, but you can tell from her reactions earlier with Jin (who also left the temple, looking for Sun in (of course) a later episode) and her tears when Sawyer and her have a little talk that I think Kate still has some feelings for our Western boy. My guess is that something happens with Juliet and Sawyer in the alternate timeline, I mean he’ll bump into Kate in some very too convenient way but by the end of the season, they’ll be happy in some way or another..

All in all, not a bad episode. There was less shock in this episode around, more of a building up to things. Poor ol’ Hurley maybe gets two words to bleat out (and while Jack admits that he didn’t save Sayid, he never tells him it was Big Hugo… Poor guy … Props where Props are due…) and the present day Claire reveal right at the very end probably will be a tease for another couple of weeks…

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Lost – LAX review

February 3rd, 2010 No comments

Oh, yes, before you go on. SPOILERS and all. I’m not going for a blow by blow account, but don’t get upset if i reveal anything in the two hour episode.

As we saddle in for the final season of Lost, probably one of the best series to hit TV since Babylon 5 for pure mind-fuck and well planned story, I think I shall try and blog the whole lot of this season this year. You know, I’m going to miss this crazy show once it’s finally off the air. It’s good for them though to say ” hey. we’ve got a plan. we don’t need to go on any further.” for example, look at the x files. that show went on for far too long and it suffered when it came to the overall story. I’ll just have to find another new show to obsess over. Until then, I still have Dr. Who, which comes back in March.. (yay!)

Well, let’s see. The alternate timelines is a clever but brilliant idea. It doesn’t seen to negate the original timeline either, the rest of the group are back in the present time and still being their typical selves. So instead of flashbacks and thinking “okay, enough is enough”, we get what would of happened to the group if they DID land at LAX instead. It’s gotten my attention so far. Kate is still Kate, We get a sweet cameo from some of the smaller characters (Froghurt) and apart from a big absence from Walt/Micheal (understandable, Walt can’t play being a kid again) we get the only difference from the original – Shannon decides to stay in Australia. Suits me fine – Couldn’t stand the character anyways… And, oh yes – we get our first appearance from Claire in a hell of a long time. Good to see she’s in it until the end. I would of hated to see that they couldn’t get her back for the show and they write her off with some back handed comment or something…

As for the current time, my thoughts aren’t as clear for the current moment. I’m glad to see I was correct – Jacob’s nemesis WAS Smokey the cloud monster and he’s been using dead people for quite some time. As for the temple? I don’t know. It’s good to see the kids and the rest of the flight still alive and safe, but it seems like a bit of a cop out. You’re trying to tell me that “The Others” as we have known them for the past 5 years didn’t know about this group living in the temple? Or perhaps this is their safe place?? Why didn’t they all run here when things got bad last year?? We’ll see what they have planned, oh, it’s good to see Kimberley Joseph again as the flight attendant. I thought she’d never come back.

So a delightful return for the last year of one of my favourite shows. Once this is over I’m certainly going back and rewatching them on Bluray to see the subtle clues (if any) they they have been planting since the beginning. Who would of thought this show would of been as sci-fi as it is now all those years ago πŸ™‚

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