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Lost – Dr. Linus Review

March 11th, 2010 No comments

The redemption of Benjamin Linus

You know, not since I think Gul Dukat in Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, have we had such a well depicted bad guy on a television series. This episode focuses mainly on Ben, and throughout the entire episode I was sitting there thinking that he WOULD actually take the bad route. Right up to the very end, this Machiavellian mastermind loves his control. Throughout the series however, he’s realised his one mistake – Alex. While not technically his daughter, he’s grown to raise her and chose the island over her. Because he thought his faith in the Island, faith in the Jacob will pull him through. In alterna-world, it’s a pretty mundane existence, but with the same Ben. He can have the principal’s job, however Alex’s (in this world, just a gifted student and no relation outside of school) application to college will be thrown in the bin. For a second I thought – “will he do it? he hasn’t had the experiences of the island since a child (the breaking point (so far) of the original timeline..), he hasn’t learnt life’s lessons?” Apparently, the good of the somewhat mundane yet good world has done him the world of good. Oh, and Artz is back as the science teacher. It seems even in this world, all these characters stick together.

We see similar aspects with Jack and Richard. The loss of faith. Jack because he thought the island would fix him. Richard now doesn’t have Jacob to look to. Yet fate is a cruel mistress in the Lost world. They can’t die – maybe they can still age unlike Richard, but the island has much more in store for them. So what do they do?? I almost feel in a way, like I said last time, that it’s a parallel to religion in someways. Jacob the good, yet not providing any answers. Being frank (yet cruel) to Ben when he tells him that he’s not important. When it’s more than an invisible man up in the sky and we truly believe in the island when we can see the mystic happening around, you WANT to know what’s going on. There’s probably a very good reason to why (like us) they’ve been kept out of the loop when it comes to answers. A point to all of this? I don’t want the end to say – “actually, Jacob was wrong. Flocke is fine to leave, end of show”. It would seem a bit of a cop out.

A few other notes –

When did the timeline split? The island is now underwater in Earth-A, yet Ben still went there as a child, and just left with his father. Maybe they evacuated the place when the bomb exploded? End of the island?? (although how could they survive something like that?? I’ll give them a little leeway there…)

Only last week I was saying “I wonder what happened to Charlie” and whether the character was coming back. If he is the person to be returning by Jacob’s hand? Or maybe Jacob had nothing to do with it, and just knew it was going to eventually happen?? He’s very anti-Ben at this point and I have a feeling that he won’t be cosying up to him, even for the good of the island. And also – Does that mean the eventual return of Penny/Des? I hope so. Even though I’d love a happily ever after for those two, you KNOW stuff like that is pretty impossible in the Lost world.

All round, a really good episode. Less WTF moments, but some really well done scenes with Ben and Ilana as she is ready to kill him.

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Cruise ’09 – Port Denarau

March 10th, 2010 No comments

The next port of call was Port Denarau. This was a quiet day, I didn’t go on any tours, I went by myself, so basically I just wandered around the little village, took footage, listened to the band and just relaxed. I’d love to go again and properly check the place out, or get drunk at the Planet Hollywood. Looked very nice πŸ™‚

Other things I remember

1 – MOUNTAIN DEW!! – This may sound odd, but there’s some silly Australian rule that says only cola flavoured soft drinks can have caffeine in it. So our version of Mountain Dew over here is nice, yet tame. You don’t drink it to get buzzed. πŸ™‚ On my trips, when I had a moment, I’d stop in different stores and see if I could find a bottle. First stop was Noumea. While my uncle and crew paid through the nose for a couple of drinks at the deli right next to the port (suckers) I paid something like 1.50 or something for a 600 ml 7up (no MD was found yet). I spent half an hour just looking at all the French versions of different foods and drinks over there. Twisties were really popular over there. Don’t ask me why. I could be wrong, but I’m SURE I saw Arnott’s Shapes as well. Being an Australian food, this is pretty surprising for a French colony…


Yes, found some in Port Denarau, and had to take a photo of it as well πŸ˜› I’m surprised how much caffeine they pack into those bottles, actually! I’m a pretty steady coke drinker, and I’m sure that had more of a kick than your standard bottle of Coke. Maybe it was the lack of soft drink on that trip (mainly cause I was drinking beer 95% of the time) but I could of sworn that was more of a Red Bull like pick me up. Anyways πŸ˜‰

2 – Rich area. I mean RICH RICH. After visiting places like Suva, and even Noumea which was very commercial, still had its points of poverty (like most cities), this place was nothing but expense. Looking at the map a few minutes ago, I honestly thought (until now) that PD was actually a small island not connected to mainland Fiji, so no doubt a ten minute drive down the road would show you the rest of the place. Even so, If I had Bill Gates like wealth, I’d certainly pick up a place there for a holiday pad. WOW

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quick update…

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there’s too much messing around with privacy settings etc for me to put my personal stuff on here. not often, but every now and again I may lock a post. If you’re interesting in reading them (if you know me, or are just curious), feel free to add me on livejournal. it’s been a long while since i properly used it, but my username is

everything else, whether it be music, my rantings or sci fi geeky stuff will still go through here and filtered onto the LJ account anyways.

hope everyone is well πŸ™‚


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Lost – Sundown Review

March 5th, 2010 2 comments

“i am a good man…”

We start off with a good old fashion comfrontation, as Sayid’s had enough of being stared at and goes to see Dogen. What we get is a kick ass fight scene that shows us Dogen’s no slouch, he’s just devious like that. How an accountant (as we find later) manages to kick so much ass living on the island for so long is another story. Bit unintentionally racist there?? Like the sisko, he loses his baseball and just stops. End of fight. And tells Sayid to “git”.
Meanwhile, Claire and her “friend”, Flocke are behind the ash wall that keeps him out of places (my guess is that the hut was not housing Jacob but keeping Flocke IN, but we’ll hopefully later see)

“Are you going to hurt them, Friend?” “Only the ones who won’t listen….” Great friend you’ve got there, Claire. I’d really think about getting out more. Either way, it’s Claire’s turn to do some work. It might keep Flocke out, but Claire’s happy to wander wherever she likes.

In Sayid’s words “Apparently, i’m evil” – he’s gone to pack up and leave being banished, talking to Medium-Miles. Looks like Hurls and emo-Jack aren’t back yet. And in walks Claire!! Even messy she’s still adorable.. don’t know if i’d pick her up if she were hitchhiking .. Miles makes a similar comment as well. πŸ˜‰ We get a little you go see him, no he can come here, so Dogen decides to get sayid to kill him! Poor guy, wherever he goes he cant escape his past..

It’s coffee (or beer) time as Miles sings the praises of Claire and fills in Kate with what’s been going down since she got the talk from Sawyer.

Sayid’s looking aroundin the jungle, and we get the good old ca chunk ca chunk of Smokey’s true form,, forms into flocke and Sayid goes the stab. Mind you, Dogen instructed to stab before he spoke. Maybe thats why we get a “it’s just a flesh wound!” moment as Flocke pulls out the knight with a confused/annoyed look. “Why you go and do that? It’s quite a good moment. Made me giggle. πŸ™‚

Flocke gives some answers here. Is he being trustful here ? “You had no chance. Dogen knew that and he was hoping i would kill you…” Sayid is offered his temptation – could have anything he wanted?? ahhh so i was wrong with that “Last Supper” photo they setup. Perhaps Sayid was meant to be the judas figure?? The betrayer??

Sayid returns and gives all the group a message “Jacob is dead. You no longer have to stay here anymore. You are free” … well, maybe.. we’ll see how well Flocke treats the redshirts… “Flocke wants to leave the island. Anyone who wants to go, join him… if you don’t, you die..” Dogen looks less than impressed…

Kate gets all up on hippy sol star’s face so she can go see Claire. Claire, however, is singing some ditty that i couldn’t recognise (well US Australian children certainly didn’t sing it) and Claire goes all OH HAI to I KILL U!!! once she figures out what happened to Aaron. the face change is amazing, Emilie is an amazing actress…

Sayid drops the knife off to Dogen, where Sayid asks him why he gets others to do his dirty work. The sad strings start and we here Dogen once lived in Osaka, he made a silly mistake and lost his son to a drink driving accident. He was also given the option for his son to live, but he had to come to the island and he would never be able to see his son again. Sayid, without blinking, decides to drown Dogen. Umm, dude, remember that water brought you back to life?? Well, regardless to whether Dogen comes back, it’s too late. Hippy sol star lets us know that Dogen was the only one keeping Flocke out, he gets a slash to the throat for his troubles and yes, the wail and ca chink sounds of good ol’ smokey…. have a guess what happens?? πŸ™‚ miles and take split up, and while take goes for Claire (stupidstupidstupid), Miles bumps into the rest of the Ajira crew, just in time πŸ™‚ Kate hides in the hole with Claire while smokey runs through the room, and Ben and Sayid have their confrontation.. Ben for the first time in his life is actually nice and caring, but the evil smile on the face of Sayid says it all.. Ben slowly backs out the room off to the rest of them where they hide in Hurley’s tunnel from the other week. Kate follows Sayid and Claire outside through all the destruction where we see Flocke did do good on his promise, the rest are behind him, a little scared, but alive nonetheless.

On Earth-A, however. Still it’s Sayid’s turn. Nadia is alive, and yet married to his brother. You can tell there’s some tension there, some tense looks which disappear when the Brother’s kids come in and Sayid gets them their presents – the fakest, dodgiest tourist boomerangs I have ever seen. I hate to be mean, but seriously, it looks like they were probably made in Hawaii. πŸ˜‰

Omar, the brother turns to Sayid in the middle of the night. Even in this world, Sayid still seems to be the go-to man when things get rough. Bro owes cash to bad men. You can guess what he’s been asked to do. I really feel for Sayid at this point. No matter what he does in his life, the memories of the past always come back to haunt him.
It’s really only the next day when Sayid’s bro is “mugged”, but wife and Sayid know better. Nadia pleads for him to go home and wait for the kids to come home from school. He actually agrees!! She gives him “why didn’t you want me” actually, that’s a DAMN good question. Who’d say no to her??? Looks like he still feels guilt over his past actions. YET – an extended stay on a weird island makes a different opinion later on. Go figure…

Later, Sayid bumps into some hired goons who offer him “a ride he cannot refuse”, and not in the dirty way (ew). In some kitchen restaurant, we find the head honcho is Keamy, that bastardo from the freighter a couple of years ago. Good to know a bastard is a bastard, no matter the time line. Sayid sorts the business out as he knows how, and on the way out bumps into Jin in a freezer… obviously that money he stashed in ep 2 was meant from them. And we’re left wondering WTF is going on there for another week. why Jin seems to be in a poorer position in this universe is beyond me. isn’t sun’s dad Mr. powerful and all of that?? *shrugs*

So far into this season and I’m already thinking of some ideas. Is that the gist?? Have we got two sets of people living on earth?? Maybe the time line WAS changed, just that the old paradox keeps the original time line going. So YES, technically Sayid would be able to see Nadia again, well as long with Sayid-B? maybe Flocke IS evil, but is the island really THAT important?? Now that the button is no longer an issue, does anyone really need to stay?? is it to protect it from outsiders? and speaking of which, hows widmore going? havent heard much about him lately… hmm

One thing I’ve noticed is the heavy handed religious theme they’re playing with Jacob/Flocke. Jacob with the God/Faith angle, and Flocke, the devil side actually offering power and answers. I’m not the most religious man in the world, but in my head it really feels like this is what they’re aiming for. i might have to look up some stuff online. It’s no confusion compared to say, Neon Genesis when it comes to religion, but I’ll say I’m still enjoying all of this and it’s keeping me watching, that’s for sure! πŸ™‚

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Top Gear’s less than Top TV change-over

March 2nd, 2010 No comments

“No Stig For You!!”

I know it’s not the geekiest show in the world, but I do enjoy Top Gear. (The UK version, mind you. The Australian version was too try hard for my tastes). I suppose in a way it IS geekery, well in a car geek kind of way. Although being raised in a car family, it kind of passed over me. No, the reason I watch this show it is because it is so damned funny. πŸ™‚ For a long time in Australia, the SBS has been airing the series a little while after the UK shows them, usually a year behind. Late last year, one of our commercial stations Channel 9, bought the rights off of the SBS in what has been said for quite a lot of money. It’s kinda sad for SBS, a part government/part commerical station getting the show taken off of them mainly because it was one of their highest rating shows. That’s the harsh reality of television these days though, and a couple of weeks ago they started showing Season 14 on Prime Time on 9.

Well, kinda.

Being the week before the Winter Olympics, they had a double bumper – Episode 1 and The older Winter Olympics special. Fair enough. Because of advertising and the two episodes, they chopped quite a bit from the first episode. No news, no Power Lap, mainly the Star in the reasonably priced car and the challenge. I grumbled, but shrugged. Thems the breaks. Luckily shortly after the show aired, Itunes had the original episode as broadcast from the UK available. Now the Olympics are over, and I go to check what we have airing tonight? Part of episode 4, and the other half from the American Road trip, back from Series 9 in 2007.

How can commercial stations screw up television so much? We’ve all seen the American Road trip before. Hell, it’s even available on DVD in Australia! I understand that they have the rights to show all the old stuff now that they own everything but series 1, but why don’t they wait a couple of weeks after airing the ORIGINAL NEW episodes they have now? Due to BBC budget cuts, they’re only running 7 episodes a season anyways! They have plenty of time to show best of episodes in the weeks to come. I just hope itunes are sensible enough to release the proper episodes as they’re meant to online. I’ll find out in a few days as the tv shows update..

It’s silly things like this, and other commercial stations dropping cult TV shows half way through original airings (Torchwood, Veronica Mars are two examples that spring to mind) that Australia is the second largest country in the world for downloading/bittorrenting our television.

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links for 2010-03-01

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