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Watching the terribleness which is eurovision. The terribleness of Europa on our televisions. A big eared Swiss version of Charlie pace is on the television now singing about gold (i think).

@Chleee is right, though. I love Zamiro but the humor isn’t there without Wogan. Even Norton would be much better. Can’t you switch to the UK stream again please???

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iPad and posterous thoughts

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Testing out posterous as well at the moment. How I didn’t hook onto this site earlier is beyond me. Not to add ANOTHER blog – but to be able to instantly add photos, videos and blogs just by one email directly to my wordpress account? It’s pure brilliance, damnit.

Typing this from my new iPad. I’ll do a proper post when I get time time, but the thing is gorgeous. The beejive app is a little clunky and I get the occasional app crash, but it’s early days of this thing. It’s only going to get better. Got the 3G model as well. While I don’t need the connectivity as yet, it’s only going to make my next trip away so much easier. Goodbye eeepc you worthless piece of shit….

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My iPad wallpaper

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The End of Lost

May 25th, 2010 1 comment
Be waned before reading, uber spoilers. And also for other certain British TV shows (Ashes to Ashes) that recently also finished last week.

The end finally comes to Lost. After six years of scratching our heads, wondering what all of it meant, was it worth it all?

Well, almost.

Each year had a knack, whether it be a flashback, forward or back in time. This kept the show interesting for use viewers and we really got to know the characters as well. This week we finally found out that the flash sideways world was in fact purgatory or some sort, knowing that the time they spent on the island was so special, they couldn’t move on without each other – whether they died on the island, later on through old age or right back in a much earlier season. This also begs the question – what did Desmond see when being electrocuted? And what about Juliet just before she died? It’s only a niggling thing, but you know… The way they handled it I think was beautiful – remembering everything once they found their true love. (Does that mean Locke loves his legs more than Helen? Owch!) While I still didn’t fully believe in the Sayid / Shannon thing – The moment when Juliet and Sawyer finally realised was just beautiful. You can kind of say that the creators cleverly lied to us – the island WASN’T purgatory, but the last sideways trip was.. 😛

I have to pay kudos to Ashes To Ashes as well – they only this week ended their wonderful series as well. The big mystery?? The 70s/80s wasn’t time travel – it was a kind of purgatory for cops, and Gene hunt is their sort of “Shepherd” of sorts to lead them to the next life. There is no way in hell they could have known that Lost had this ace up their sleeve – come on – did anyone REALLY guess where this show was going?? Really??

Probably my biggest disappointment to the show’s end where some of the scenes and stories in real life on the island. The Charles Widmore end still really irritates me. And yes, Ben wasn’t as stupid as we were led to believe, but I still really disliked his disposal of Charles in the previous episode. I have to say though I like his scenes in the purgatory, not wanting to go “just yet”, still more things to settle. The scenes between himself, Danielle and Alex were also beautifully shot as well. For the first time you really see happiness for the man and I almost feel sorry that none of that world is truly real…

As for the island? Ehh. The secret of the island is a light. A light when put out is the only way to kill the STILL unnamed man who we never get a name for. Sure, we don’t need to know ALL of the answers, but once the plane took off (and apart from the few remaining survivors left on the island) did it really matter in the long run if the island was destroyed or not? Raise the stakes a little. “It will put the world out of balance and we will all be destroyed!” or something. Once Flocke is killed (in a so so fight scene) What is there left?? Charles’ group is gone, Hanso and DHARMA are gone, the so called “research” that was essential to the human race’s survival is forgotten about. Maybe the rushed seasons and set planned ending made them shelve some of the grander ideas they had in the beginning. Did it make for a better bunch of stories, not meandering for years (hello X Files, I’m looking in your direction..) and frustrating even more.

Still, six years. Gone. All done. While I didn’t start right at the very beginning (my first introduction to Lost was about mid season, thanks to a friend on uni campus back in my Wagga days and their wonderful file sharing network) it was close enough throughout all those years. For me, only Babylon 5 had the better planned out story for science fiction. To have something this daring especially in this day and age of cancellations is a blessing. Adios, you crazy and insane show. I’m going to miss you.


Ps – Now I need to find something else. Might have to properly get started on Fringe now. I know! I’m slack! 🙂
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