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Ipad / Content Thoughts

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Apart from the ipad being a handy little mini computer I have close by whenever i’m home, i’ve discovered im consuming a lot more content.

I’m not a hermit, but I HATE shopping. If I can I try to avoid it as much as possible. 9/10 when I walk into a game store, or DVD/CD place (on the rare occasion, like a bluray purchase), i’ve already pretty much decided what I’ve come to buy anyways.

One of the best apps onthe ipad is vinio. It’s basically the ibookstore for magazines. Sadly at the moment It’s only got a smallish choice of magazines available, but the music section isn’t TOO bad. There’s Rolling Stone (on the odd occasion they publish something that ISN’T crap) but my number one selection, NME. I love their radio station, and even though I don’t know half of the bands they talk about, It’s good to read and they have a chart list. For AGES I’ve been searching for a decent charts list which wasn’t anything to do with GAGA or any of that terrible ilk. There’s some crap, but at least it’s getting me downloading new music again. I know I need to go back to the past and listen to some old music that passed me by the first time around, but there’s so much good stuff coming out today it feels almost criminal to ignore it.

This, tied with the newspaper app (pressreader), why would you EVER need to go into a newsagency again? I buy my lotto tickets straight from the website, get the Herald Sun from my ipad in the morning and go to bed reading a magazine or a book from Kindle if I’m in the mood..

I’m not saying that Apple is the reinventors, cause that’s BS. A lot of this stuff has been around for a while already. I think my new toy makes it easier though to combine it all into one. Before this I could read a book on a kindle, but I wanted to say, watch a video, I’d need to grab my PSP. Oh, there’s an interesting link I’m reading about – better get my eeepc…..

I’m excited, but also in a way I’m worried for the small companies much like the independent music stores were once the mp3s took over music.

As it goes, I want to review a lot more music on here as well. As the charts change week after week, so does the nano in the car. Tomorrow I have either The Drums, Pendulum or Kate Nash. I’ll keep you posted…

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I’m in Miami girl …

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It begins

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Plan B – The Defamation of Strickland Banks review

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Plan B – The Defamation of Strickland Banks


The last couple of days I did a mass download of different and new tracks of the interwebs, thanks to the NME magazines (as purchased on the ipad) top 20 list they have in their magazine, I’ve discovered this British artist called Plan B. I want to call him a rapper, but after this album he can hardly be “just a rapper”. Where his first album was more of your standard hip hop fair, this album takes a much more brave directions by two things – a concept album, and a sort of soul / hip hop mixup.

The story (as far as I could tell – mind you, I was driving so I cant fully concentrate on music while I also have my head full of work things and phone calls) is about a fictional Soul singer named Strickland Banks who is sent to jail after a one night stand with an obsessive stalker who screams rape after he refuses her and goes back to his wife. The tone takes a dark turn where he’s forced to kill a man in self defence in prison, and the story ends just as he’s about to hear his verdict to the retrial…

It’s a great attempt although sometimes I felt he was trying too hard to fit the story into the song. When he’s also singing, it’s a little different than a “Mike Skinner rapping a story” that The Streets gave us in A Grand Don’t Come For Free. I think he does a much better job though. This guy has such an amazing voice and I was surprised to read on wiki later that his previous album was just your standard British Hip Hop album. I couldn’t help thinking I was listening to a soundtrack straight out of the 70s a lot of the time today. He’ll break this up with his great rapping skills, but it’s sewn into the songs themselves and works perfectly – There’s no jarring break into something not suiting the album.

I also read that this is an experiment and he’s interested into going back into something more like his first album. It’s a bit of a shame. While there’s not a full album of radio hit singles on here, it’s a great piece of work and i’d rather that anytime over a handful of disposable 3 minute chart fillers you hear on the radio today…

Here’s a song from the album, She Said. It’s a cute, well choreographed little clip which gives you a good idea what the album is like…

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