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Cracks in time at my friends house

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I don’t want a time machine anymore…

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When young, I’d had this desire after watching back to the future for the 950th time that it would be really cool, one day when I was older to be able to go back to the eighties and meet my parents, and myself (Blinovitch Limitation Effect notwithstanding …) and tell them of the wonders of the future. I could bring back my completely useless iphone and show them some amazing video stuff, i suppose.

Sitting there watching TV the other night with my father, I don’t think I could do TOO much showing off now I come to think of it –
young me – “what tv shows are popular in the future?”
old me – “reality shows”
young me – “reality what?”
old me – “well, we watch people cook, and sitting in a house being lamely experimented on, and people doing up houses and people arguing at airports….”
young me – “what happened to proper tv shows?”
old me – “well, they usually last a couple of years and get cancelled…”
young me – “what about “hey hey it’s saturday?” ”
old me – “god help me, i forgot i liked that. it’s back….”

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(Slightly NSFW) Dr. Who pole-dance

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The new way to sell albums – rehab

July 16th, 2010 No comments
Since when did it change now that when celebrities getting OFF of drugs is a return to form? Latest example – Eminem. Couldn’t he just admit that his last album was just shit? Not every musician can constantly churn out hit after hit. God, some of the mistakes by Paul McCartney throughout the years…

The reason I ask is because I know this idea to be false. Perfect example – Keith Richards. God knows how many years of success (even if you don’t agree with them) says a lot. Another example – iggy pop! He may be on a health kick now but look at the stooges, even look at his solo work. Sure, we may lose the odd rock star now and again, but I would hated to have listened to a clean Jim Morrison, or a clean Kurt cobain’s work.

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links for 2010-07-15

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  • …"So Doctor Who is not a complete loss. But then there are some shows that go completely beyond the pale of enjoyability, until they become nothing more than overwritten collections of tropes impossible to watch without groaning.

    I think the worst offender here is the History Channel and all their programs on the so-called "World War II"."

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links for 2010-07-13

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  • Improving human mental health is having some serious unintended consequences for our friends in the ocean. Exposure to antidepressants makes shrimp five times more likely to place themselves in life-threatening situations, and the broader effects could damage the entire ecosystem.
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  • A massive particle detector located a mile underground has found bits of antimatter known as geo-neutrinos deep inside the Earth. The find proves the Earth derives most of its power from radioactivity and could help us predict volcanoes and earthquakes.
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Eureka – Founders Day Review

July 13th, 2010 No comments

And he we go for another year of crazy hijinks from the wonderful crew in that little town of Eureka, where disaster almost hits the world because of them every second week. And I wish I could live there, brains or not.

We return and we get a cheap cop out in the way of flashbacks – while most are actually from the episode, the Tess breaking up with Jack certainly DIDNT happen last time we were watching the show. It ended on an upbeat note – Jack with the option of moving to Australia, not knowing if we were going to lose our favorite Everyman or not to love.

You can tell some time has passed, though. Alison’s baby is suffering from SORAS, and Kevin is turning into another walt – let’s hope they never do a long slow show like lost, then they’ll be in trouble. I have to say, it’s good to have Kevin back. Here we have an autistic kid with a single mother expecting another. Like this wouldn’t effect him. Sure, they might of not being able to get the actor to return, but the only mention of kevin last year was a comment by Alison to the fact that this whole pregnancy thing isn’t new to her. Anyways.

Instead of “zim DOOOOM of the week”, we get a good old Blast to the past and our main characters travel back in time. Jack naturally gets himself into trouble, and Fargo is the comic foil. I have to say, LOVE the terminator parody. It’s all pretty standard fare here – a race against the clock to get back to the future before their time window closes. We get a sweet kiss/moment with Alison and Jack this early in the piece, so of course my alarm bells are ringing instantly.

The catch? When they get back, things are slightly changed. Tess never left, Zane is still a troublemaker and has nothing to do with Jo, Kevin is no longer autistic and some new love interest for Henry is now married to him. Oh yeah, and one of Einstein’s buddies accidentally gets sent forward.

I have to say when the time line was changed I was thinking “please bring Nathan back…”, but no dice (is he still on true blood? Im way behind…) I hope they keep this timeline as the new status quo. Im guessing we’ll get weeks of awkward Zane/Jo moments but it’s great this kind of show can mix it up so much. Looking forward to weeks ahead…

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Survivalism of a sort..

July 13th, 2010 No comments
Has anyone seen that “bear” guy on tv, the survivalist fellow guy? Watched his special tonight on sbs. Quite interesting. You think “this guy would of been pretty cool on the island with flight 815.” Lost being lost, though, he would of been killed before the end of the first season.

I then went on wiki and sussed the fellow out. You gotta give the guy credit – everest is no easy feat – but finding out the show is a ten day shoot, and when not filming he’s “in camp” (ie 5 star motels) with the rest of the crew? Okay, it’s pretty obvious that he’s not alone on this trip. Apart from the raft sequence at the end there’s no Blair witch handy cam work. But I don’t know, maybe adding more realism to all of it would make it much more fascinating viewing.

Still, the survivalism tricks he knows is pretty cool. And that bored tiger shark at the end gave me the heebie jeebies….

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