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Falling Skies Promo

March 30th, 2011 No comments

Speilberg’s latest work, on TV. First promo to come out. Looks okay. Let’s see if we can keep a sci fi show on the TV and not get cancelled….

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updates and all of that…

March 27th, 2011 No comments
After the computer debacle of last week, the internet has mainly been kept away from because of all the download updates I had to do to get this computer and my old one up to current states. So outside of socialising and work, I’ve been replaying Dragon Age : Origins. Hopefully being able to get through Awakening this time without all the annoying bugs that stopped me from getting through it (there’s got to be an update for it by now…). I can’t justify spending 100 bucks on a Dragon Age 2 where a lot of people are divided over at the moment. It looks good, but it’s so unlike origins. By the time I finish the Warden’s story, it shouldn’t be that dear (hah. and by that point, I’ll be old and grey. Or Mass Effect 3 will be out :P)

Annoyingly with all this tech I have heaps to download coming up this and next week… There’s a ps3 update, the new back to the future game, the last chapter of Mass Effect 2 (that one is on the bottom of the pile), and for some god knows reason, my copy of itunes on here reverted my iphone and ipad to 4.3! so i have to download them both back to 4.3.1 …. and nothings EVER a quick 4 meg download 😛

Other than that, things are okay. The shed computer is going okay, work isn’t TOO bad. All I need now is to discover all this cash in a secret floorboard in my house and I’ll be set 😛

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And congratulations Australia …

March 23rd, 2011 No comments
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Top Gear Live / Melbourne Weekend

March 14th, 2011 No comments
This weekend i had a quick holiday away and got to see –


Top Gear Live!

Was part of my 30th birthday present from the last weekend. We didn’t on the plan until Saturday cause Dad, my cousin and gf couldn’t get down until late Friday. So by the time we got into the airport, it was already mid morning. I have to say though, the public transport has gotten better in Melbourne. Although why in hell do they STILL do not have a train service or a peninsula service available in which is eventually going to be the biggest Australian city, I will never know. Anyways…

Matt’s cousin Brock picked us up from the airport and we had a fun time navigating the city while we had to put up with the moodiest sat-nav system I have ever encountered. Brock changed his mind and wanted to avoid a particularly busy intersection. After ten minutes of trying to convince us to turn around, it relented to the new route but decided to fuck with us and change its mind every couple of minutes or so. Luckily I had my Ipad with google maps available and got us to the hotel much easier.

Note to self – The Victorian Hotel, smack bang in the middle of the city (Little Collins Street) is a good place to stay whenever I go back to Melbourne again. It’s nothing flashy (although I hear there are nicer rooms also available) but it’s close to everything, quiet and has a bar downstairs. Always an important point. 🙂

Once we dropped our gear off, we grabbed a quick bite to eat, we hightailed our arses to the showgrounds post-haste. The parking was a bit of a shambles (to be fair, they did ask everyone to get public transport) but they had a school bus to get us back and forth to where everyone parked. Inside was a pretty good setup. Apart from the main show, they also had several sheds open. One with cars that were run around a smallish course throughout the day by (as far as my cousin told me) relatively famous racers. They also at one point had passengers in the cars as well. My guess either a competition or maybe even something you could pay for?? I’m not too sure. Other sheds had other stuff, like fenced off gorgeous cars like this –


and also DELOREAN! for the geek like me – 


More photos – here (need to update the names yet. all done on the ipad at the airport)

My god, what a hot day for Melbourne, though. When I lived there, we never got that kind of heat, EVER. Nearly passed out by one point but kept the energy going until the main event, the live show.

I really, really enjoyed it. More stunts/pyrotechnics and the typical fun skits that the Top Gear boys are notorious for. Along for this tour was Jeremy, James and replacing Richard was Shane from Aussie Top Gear/Kenny. I think he fitted in pretty well. They had the insults slinging good naturedly back and forth. Apart from the stunts, they came out with The Cool Wall, Car Soccer, and other silly fun things like that. Wouldn’t agree about it being a family show though (not that I’m complaining :P). Jezza let the F bomb slip a few times and at one point asking the girl what she thought complements her on her tits 😛

After that they took people who paid back stage, well a paddock pass where one of the guys showed people the cars they used for the live show and talked about them a little and got to get a bit closer to them (but not touch them of course). after that it hit 6.30pm, and it was all over! got some shirts, back to the room and hunted out some food.

By the time we got back, we were all hungry and it was getting late, just by the off chance we walked into the adjoining restaurant to the James Squire bar/brewery place in the middle of town, basically around the corner. Great, great place. Well recommended. There’s not many places in the city where you eat and you actually notice how nice all the staff are there. Plus properly brewed beer by James Squire on tap! We didn’t suss out next door afterwards, but it looked pretty damn decent. Had the old vats on display, much like The Brewery does here in Mildura…

Great weekend, even if it was short. You know, it’s also made me enjoy Melbourne a hell of a lot more than I have in a long long time as well. I want to convince some people that I want to visit again, soon… Even if it is only for that short amount of time again. 🙂

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Top gear live trip

March 13th, 2011 No comments
Quick trip. Will write up a proper entry when I get home. Until then, here’s a delorean from one of the sheds 🙂


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I’m 30 today.. and some giggles…

March 9th, 2011 No comments
I have a post coming up, I should probably talk about my party over the weekend but it’s getting late and I can’t be bothered to sit down and think things through in my head right … So I give you evil Wil Wheaton for LOLs…

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e books and the future..

March 2nd, 2011 No comments
Got a link off of JJ from facebook tonight – 

Now after a little digging, I went to the website of said author. From what I can piece together, she’s releasing vampire fic for 99 cents a pop. Now there’s a lot of polarising opinions on the comments (and as usual, the youngens are the 5-starrers) that’s it’s not very original and she needs an editor etc etc. I have to applaud the girl though for making a pretty penny at her age. And movie options to boot!

Saying that, what would the situation be without that bloody twilight/vampire epidemic? Youngens looking for more Bella-esque writing with a bit of pocket money and a kindle/iphone/ipad? Bam! I don’t think it’s ever going to be my cup of tea, but it certainly gives hope to the authors out there who are trying to do it alone. 99 cents, though? Can you put a price on something like a story that takes so, so long for some people? Or are we just going to see a lot more of say “commercial” work (just like music) take centre stage? We’re still in the early stages of this new way of reading.. Still makes me think…

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