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Game of Thrones review

April 21st, 2011 No comments

A Game of Thrones started this week, the latest HBO show that hopefully keeps the money flowing so we can watch a show that actually has an end 😉

Based on a series of books “A song of Ice and Fire”, I can’t tell you how faithful the books are to the series, but from what I’ve read around the interwebs it’s pretty close. I like watching a show like this without any prior knowledge and without fanboi me getting involved. Saying that, I probably will pick up the kindle versions once the first series has aired, or something.

It’s another political drama set in a fantasy world. A fantasy world that (so far) is entirely populated with humans. Adding to it’s dark theme I can’t help thinking about the Dragon Age world a little (minus the elves, and dwarves of course). I like a new world like this that doesn’t borrow heavily from the D&D, or LotRs type world. You can find a million and one worlds where the dwarven folk like their ale and the elven folk are all beautiful and mysterious. Judging by the Dragon eggs in the first episode however, I’m guessing they’re not alone though.


Being a typical HBO show, there’s plenty of naughty bits all over the place. There’s a couple of “ew” and WTF moments though, especially at the end. I won’t spoil it, but you’ll see it when it happens.

If I have one gripe, it’s that the background setup of the show isn’t really properly explained. Apart from a couple of offhand comments, you just role with the fact that this family is in power and took over from another family who want to return and another family is up to no good… Something like that bogs the story down, I know, and it’s certainly not HBO’s style to explain anything like a introductionary voice over or something. Like Treme, you just go with it or get left behind. To be fair, the official website gives you a lot of detail if you want to sit down one evening and read up on it all. It’s not essential reading however, despite my complaining it’s easy enough to shrug off. And who knows, we might get more in future episodes to come.

The actors are all pretty decent. The guy who played Ronon on Stargate Atlantis plays another warrior barbarian (and has been announced to play Conan in the latest Hollywood remake – I don’t think it’s going to be hard for him ;P), Sean Bean essentially plays an older, slightly fatter version of Boromir if he survived that whole Ring business. Actually, he does the lead well. You really don’t get to see too much of him in LotRs, and you can tell here he really is an amazing actor. I didn’t really pick out anyone else famous. The young daughter who wants to be a warrior is amusing, so is the womanising “short person” (i can’t say dwarf, just in case you think I mean an fantasy-type dwarf) is hilarious as well.


This is definitely a keeper. It’s been a while since I’ve gone “ooooh!” over a new show. Just after one episode it’s already been announced for a second series, so I think we’re safe enough to watch this show without threat of cancellation. Recommended. 

Game of Thrones is out in the US on HBO now. As for the rest of us? No hulu, no itunes (yet). You know what to do.

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Goodbye, Sarah Jane!

April 20th, 2011 No comments

A sad day for Who fans. Only the other month when I heard that Tom Baker had finally gotten over himself and decided to work with Big Finish, i thought “Excellent! Maybe he and Lis can do something together again. They were/are good friends!”

Then the news comes in this morning she has passed away.

I think the saddest thing about it is how she kept it so quiet – kept working all the way till the end. There’s another series of Sarah Jane Adventures all but finished – how they’ll get around showing it though, I won’t know.

First Nick Courtney, Now Lis. I know it’s kind of to be expected in a show that’s nearly fifty years old, but It still doesn’t make it any less sad…

I think I might find my copy of The Ark in Space in the cupboard later and watch that. I think her and Tom’s best work (apart from the bubblewrap monsters).
*Raises a drink*

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QT and Me (well, Kevin Smith)

April 19th, 2011 No comments
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Dr. Who – THIS is The Silence?

April 16th, 2011 No comments


No, really?

I’m sorry, but all I’m seeing is an alien version of Arseface…

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Dr Who goes American (and previews)

April 15th, 2011 No comments
The BBC are going nuts at the moment! Usually they keep it very close to their chests but this year we know all but who the silence is and the truth of River song. Here’s another bunch of clips for the new episode




And this is weird – Matt & Crew read some Snooki, Ghostface Killah and Sarah Palin tweets to camera. God help us all…. (click on link to watch)


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Another interesting Dr. Who pic *Spoilers*

April 13th, 2011 No comments

Here’s another interesting pic. The cybermen. Big deal, you may be saying. They’re always coming back.

But have a look at the chest-plate. No Cybus logo.

I think this is the original Mondas Cybermen! (for the new-comers, the original Dr. Who universe’s Cybermen had a different beginning than what they had in Pete’s world.) Sure, they look a little too much like the other ones, but that’s a techno-babble explanation away. Good to see! 🙂

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Dr. Who series 6 Interesting pics!!

April 12th, 2011 No comments
Anyone who doesn’t want a spoiler for new Dr. Who, look away now…Anyways, checking out the new trailer from the CBBC channel and there’s a few interesting scenes in the trailer that is making me very interested.

The Blue guy from The Maldorvarian



For a moment I thought it was the Duke of Manhatten (probably the same actor, I never picked up on it from the first watching), no doubt the big fella is looking for revenge on River..



This one is far more interesting. The Old TARDIS set. Either the TARDIS is loopy and something has gone wrong with the desktop theme (and that’s Rory holding Amy), or are they Tennant sideburns? Could he be returning this early to the show??

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Funny moment tonight

April 9th, 2011 No comments
Out Drinking with friends. Im sitting there with a couple of friends waiting for others to arrive. I’m sitting on a couch by myself while the other two are all snuggled. This cute girl wanders by from outside or the toilet or something trying to wander pass and stops, trying to get around other people and looks at me for a second and wanders on.

GOE – she was checking you out, tez
ME – yeah, I saw her face. It was either, “what the fuck are you doing here” or “I’ve just mistaken you for someone I know”. No one gives that kind of look to a complete stranger.

Typical me. It was an intense look. Not a “I’m pissed off look”, but a surprised look.

Or I’ve got myself a very brief stalker. We’ll see 😛

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The Social Network Review

April 3rd, 2011 No comments
Finally gotten around to watching The Social Network this afternoon with my mother. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m behind with most things. Movies included.

What is it with Aaron Sorkin writing dialogue at a million miles an hour. Honestly, I know it’s meant to make everything “snappier”, but also including the quick cuts it made it too fast. I had to turn on the subtitles for this film because apart from the geek speak, you’ve got a hard time keeping up with whats going on. I think the only thing going for it is that it also paints Zuck more in that whole awkward antisocial geek who was in the right place at the right time. Trent & Ross’ music helped slow the film down somewhat where it needed it. And it fully deserved the gong for best soundtrack. Great fricken music.

As for the film itself? It wasn’t bad. Good to see the so called “story” behind how it all started but it wasn’t award winning. I’ve seen better films. The actors were all pretty good. It’s good to see Timberlake has some decent acting chops (he was also not bad in that god awful mess that was Southland Tales) and the Eisenberg was really good. I hope that he does really well (loved him in Zombieland) although everytime i see him on screen my mind screams “Michael Cera!! It’s that kid from Arrested Development!!”

All in all, passable. I can’t swallow the hype and defend it to death, but pretty damn decent at the end. Somebody just needs to give everyone in this film a couple more sedatives to slow them down.

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