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Every TV show needs a bad guy …

June 23rd, 2011 No comments

… it seems even SBS documentaries…

Twitter and the interwebs these last few nights have been awash with comments over the new 3 part miniseries, “Go back to where you came from”. If you haven’t seen it already, there’s streaming links of the first two episodes on the website, and the last is to air tonight. Regardless on what side of the fence you sit on in the debate, it’s confronting and riveting television.

While I strongly disagree with this kind of idiocy, I have to think there is some manipulation going on behind the scenes. No, I don’t mean the experiment itself (I had to giggle at Darren’s reaction when he found out about the sinking boat setup) but the portrayal of the characters on TV. Especially everyone’s most hated person in Australia for the moment – Raquel Moore.

I remember some years ago during the hey-day of Big Brother (don’t judge me!) of how well the editing and cameras make someone look like on the television. The first year that had live internet streaming (before a drunk confession threw that idea to the wind) and some people by the time of the daily show would look worse off than they did throughout the entire day. Pick all the bits that made someone look bad, regardless how they reacted for the rest of the day, throw in some polar opposites for the rest, and surprise surprise! Guess who is going home come eviction time? TV at is most manipulative.

Come this show, there may be no evictions or prize money, but I just can’t help they’re doing the same to this poor girl as well. Sure, she’s said some dumb and ignorant things so far, but some of the others aren’t that much better when it comes down to it. I just feel they want to show the very ugly side of the conservative opinions in Australia and this sheltered girl is the show’s scapegoat. The fact that she’s been living on the dole since leaving school with her partner probably had something to do with SBS choosing her as well.

If this were a work of fiction, I’d have a gripe about it on twitter, argue amongst friends and get over it. This poor girl is going to be shone into the spotlight in these up and coming weeks. Her anonymous life as a westie are long gone and the knives are certainly out, the twitter streams had some pretty nasty attacks. Maybe tonight they’ll show her softer side and she starts to finally get some of her situations and experiences in those weeks.

She doesn’t deserve to be twitter’s next St Kilda schoolgirl.

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Some WTF for you today

June 22nd, 2011 No comments

Katter, The fellow in the middle usually wears his hat out and about whenever doing interviews. So the rest of the independents decided to give him a little “tribute”.


Weird Al’s Gaga parody – “Perform This Way”. Al sticks his head on a Gaga lookalike. Wrong on so many levels. Although I do giggle at the Madonna comment. I’m glad I’m not the only one who can hear the similarities 😉

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Another Version of the Truth – The Gift

June 18th, 2011 No comments

Yes, I know I’m incredibly late to the party, but I finally downloaded the DVD version of this concert, and it’s amazing.

For those not in the know – Nine Inch Nails, during their last tour, recorded a whole heap of video footage of three of their concerts for a last bluray/DVD/CD release. Something or other happened and it was cancelled at the last minute. Instead of sitting on the footage, Trent through it all online and a fan collective called “This one is on us” got the best of the footage and made a live movie called “The Gift”. Since then, they’ve also recorded/released other live concerts, but The Gift is the only one fully professionally recorded by the band themselves. It’s amazing, a mix of old and new songs are included. It’s a shame it will never get a proper release, but it’s awesome that Trent put it out there. Technically it could be a big no-no with the older tunes that are included with the concert, but Trent doesn’t care and I’d love to see one of the record labels go against him. He’s won other battles before.

The official site where you can find the downloads is here and there’s also a pretty decent youtube link of the entire concert if you’re happy streaming it here. Here’s one of the tracks, one of my faves lately 🙂

We need more bands like this in the world. I don’t just mean the music (that would be nice :P) but I mean artists/groups willing to ignore the major labels and experiment with music like Trent does. 🙂

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June 9th, 2011 No comments
I just saw 3 or 4 army planes fly low through town. It’s a bit unusual, because all the planes coming and going from town fly close to my house. Had no idea what was going on, until I drove a bit down the road and saw these three guys…

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Terry’s Music Mixtape #1 – Nervous Terry

June 3rd, 2011 No comments


For quite some time I’ve missed being on radio. When i was a youngen, I used to community radio. Since leaving my home town, I’ve discovered that Broken Hill is pretty special and unique as most of the rest of the community stations are country/christian music only stations.

Decided tonight “to hell with it” and get back on a mic and record myself talking about some tunes. Now, Be fair.. It’s been a long long time since Ive done something like this and I’m friggen nervous for some reason. So I decided to play you all some of my favourite Aussie tunes as a test to see if it works out alright. I’m curious to what you all think. I know I have to be more relaxed when talking, but that will come in time. Thanks! 🙂

Terry’s Mixtape 01
Download Here


Ammonia – Sleepwalking
You Am I – Mr. Milk
Pendulum – Watercolour
The Go Betweens – Love Goes On! (Single mix)
Hilltop Hoods – Still Standing
Funkoars – Never Going Back
TISM – He’ll Never Be (An Old Man River)
Spiderbait – Calypso
Regurgitator – ! (The Song Formally Known As)
The Saints – (I’m) Stranded

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