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The Help

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“New Girl” quick review

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Today’s workspace

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I love spring 🙂

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REM and Nirvana

September 23rd, 2011 No comments
Interesting day for music ….

First up, REM have finally parted ways. It’s weird, that was one of those bands I thought would go on till they were the Rolling Stones age. Maybe not doing the hundred and one tours, but doing something more digital, every now and again getting an album recorded and released online or something. Just had to stop myself there. I wrote “CD”. That’s the 30 year old in me. Haven’t heard the latest album yet, but just as I was about to give up on them, they go and release “accelerate”, which I think was a pretty damn good album, shows you they still had some balls when making music. People think of them as boring poppy sleep tunes, but they could still belt out tracks like “revolution” (no, not a beatles cover).

Also, THIS


Pretty surprised to see it not get released earlier, something this big kept pretty close to the release date. I chucked the mp3s of the Devonshire mixes on the nano this afternoon, and Wow.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s the “rough mix” that Butch Vig made of the album (minus Polly, which I’m guessing will be exactly the same in any version) before getting a polish by Andy Wallace. You can totally understand why they thought they were ripping off the pixies when making this album. You have a much more “grungy” (is that a word??) sound, there’s all sorts of weird sounds you could only just hear in the original mix. Apart from it being another victim of the loudness wars, it’s a great album to get the deluxe treatment. Probably the weirdest thing is a couple of double ups on the tracks. Some of the b sides from the singles are the same live tracks on the new live album that accompanies it. There’s no youtube links for the new mixes, but I think it’s worth a purchase. Probably an itunes purchase, as the boxset price is just stupid….

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foo fighters vs. the westborough baptist church

September 19th, 2011 No comments

i’ll be the first to criticise the Foo Fighters – that AIDS-denailist movement they supported back in the day was just WEIRD. hopefully Dave knocked some sense into Nate about that….

Anyways, the Fooies caught wind of the Westborough Baptist Church protesting their concert (no moral reason, they just love the attention, they know picketing something like a major concert gets them camera time) and they hit back with a counter-strike before the show –

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A real handy chair

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TISM – Live on Hey Hey

September 8th, 2011 No comments
Ladies and Gents, I have found my new favourite moment on the internets.

First up, a little Info – Whether you liked it or not, Hey Hey It’s Saturday was the top show for up and coming artists of all kinds. Until Rove came along, it was the only light entertainment show where touring acts could get noticed by families all over Australia. The thing was, the show was a “little” conservative. Started in the 60’s originally as a kids show, it never tried to be edgy or anything like that. The only time I’ve ever seen Bill Hicks do a skit that didn’t involve cursing (and yet, still funny). Once, famously, he urged the audience not to cheer for UK rockers Reef for destroying the set after a particularly “intense” live song. (I think his exact words – “don’t cheer for them. they’re on DRUGS”.

Who in their right mind, then, decided to put TISM ON THE SHOW??


If you’ve not heard of them, think of the most out there bands in Australia – writing simple pop rock/dance tracks, but with song titles like “Saturday Night Palsy”, “Defecate On My Face”, “40 Years – Then Death”, “Death Death Death Amway Amway Amway”, you can kind of imagine what type of band they are as well. The fact that they never revealed their identities either (long before Slipknot got the idea), makes their live performances even more interesting. So, with that in mind, check out probably the most bizarre moment on early nineties Australian television …

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