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finally, I’m playing skyrim

January 30th, 2012 No comments


In the last few weeks, I’ve finally gotten through all of my DLC for my favourite game developer, Bioware. Arrival, Mark of the Assassin .. Both Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2 are both complete and now needed something new for my gaming habit. I personally thought I could drag it out and play some other games while I waited for Mass Effect 3 and not have to spend any more money. I had a few games – Assassin’s Creed just didn’t gel well with me – the story is awesome yet most RPGs i come in swords (or daggers) blazing, killing with relentless glee. The sneakiness got a little tedious. I also had Fable 2, accidentally bought as a christmas present for Tiffany, but luckily discovered she already bought the game herself and was 95% through the game already. That game though? Too cutesy for my tastes. Although is it enjoyable hearing famous celebs tell you off – the guy from Snatch is a laugh and a half…

So, trying to wait, thinking “what’s good and cheap and will keep me occupied”? I know if I asked around a little more I would have eventually found something that kept me going, but the constant “fus do rahs” and “arrows in the knee” jokes got me.

Yes, I fucking bought skyrim. Damn you, Tiff and Shiralee.

I know I am always late to the party. But If I bought every awesome game when it was first released, A) I’d be broke and B) I would have a collection of almost completed games I never got around to finishing. That is my one fear of Skyrim now – There’s SO SO much to do and it’s enjoyable enough I know that I can’t buy ME3 until this is done cause I’ll never look back at it. And the Mass Effect demo looks fucking amazing…..

Please note – I’m not a hard core gamer. I have a high instance of “rage quit” and if something becomes too hard and I can’t pass it, i’ll eventually give up. The difficulty levels make this game enjoyable for me. Slaughtering my first dragon had me absolutely shitscared, but actually it wasn’t that bad (although my Horse was roasted alive). There’s been a few points where Frost Trolls encountered have made me use up nearly all of my potions, so I know I have a long long way to go yet.

The graphics in this game are so clever and BEAUTIFUL. Saying that though, VERY DULL! I think I’m used to having pure fantasy worlds in games, such as World of Warcraft, where anything is possible. Blue alien forests, huge trees that almost stretch to the heavens, strange otherworldly limbo dimensions etc etc etc… The world of skyrim (apart from the monsters) is very very much set in the real world. Being such a cold place as well, makes the game very grey. Its even at some points I’m forced to skip time to day time cause with the snow storm and everything else, it’s far too murky to see anything. It’s a pity, cause the game is designed so well, exploring the land has never been more fun (apart from getting lost! those roads are useless!) and discovering caves, little towns etc along the way with all sorts of little quests is enjoyable too.

As for the RPG element, I’ve never seen a game more customisable, and more unforgiving. Most games when starting give you the option to select which role you want to play. In skyrim, you get your gender, your race and that’s it. Want to make a mage?? pick your clothes and skill points carefully. Newbs to this kind of game might find it frustrating that they want to play a rogue and can’t understand that the heavy armour they have equipped isn’t doing them any favours. Maybe the path of “sorry, you can’t do that/train that/wear that” in other games helps players too much?? I know games like Dragon Age are far more linear, but if it’s a well made story I don’t mind at all…

I can’t be cruel, though. It’s a well made story so far, and I’m having a ball just searching the places, doing favours for innkeepers and letting important plot elements/characters wait in the middle of nowhere cause they’re not that important to me. yet. Although companions can be frustrating as hell. Standing in front of a door you just walked through and not move?? RAGGGEEEE


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Dr Who – Mrs. Robinson

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Two loves mixed into one – Dr. Who and The Lemonheads.

(I agree with the youtube person. This version is far far more fun, and works better withe the clips :P)

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Star wars wanderings

January 3rd, 2012 No comments
While I’m waiting for my copy of “the old republic” to come from , I’ve being playing what is essentially the prequels to the new MMO, “knights of the old republic”. I’m a bit of a bioware fan and their dragon age and mass effect worlds are so brilliant, I downloaded this one to see if I could get past the ancient graphics of this game and enjoy it.

11 hours later and I’m only up to act 3. Sure the controls are a bit fidgety, and the graphics are very very average, but the story is done so well and setting the story five thousand years before any of the movies lets you explore many different things, even if the technology and different species/etc haven’t changed that much in that time. But, you just nod and agree.

I know everyone’s raving on skyrim, and I’ll probably get to that eventually, but I’ll probably wait till the price goes down. I’ve never dipped into any of the elder scrolls universe, and it’s not like it’s going to be gone any time soon…

Also, thanks to a present mixup, I’ve also got fable 2, which really looks fun. So I’ve got plenty to keep me going for the time being 🙂

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