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About Rhapsody

February 7th, 2012 No comments

I’ve been playing around it with it a bit more than usual lately now that I bought myself an newer iPod Touch. I know it sounds stupid, me owning an iPhone and all, but battery life is important when you use it as your main phone – even with the mophie juice pack you still have to be careful – and besides – to plug it into the sound system, you have to remove the top mophie cover. That’s how I scratched my iPhone 3gs…

It didn’t work perfectly, but i managed to select tracks I wanted and make a playlist, which i was able to download offline to listen to later while I was driving in the car. (online radio streaming through 3G is just not possible in Australia. And you’ll probably find not that much longer in America too…) Apart from a couple of tracks which bugged out, it worked pretty well! I usually just downloaded an album and had to put up with the filler the rest of the album gave you.

Rhapsody has such a great idea here, but I honestly think they could do so much more. What about integration with a desktop app? Being able to play/stream from an app on your mac or windows computer – but being able to make/save playlists and then send them on to your friends and letting them import to your iPhone app, where you could download offline or just stream to your phone? Of course the person on the other side would NEED a rhapsody subscription, but it would also be handy for yourself – instead of clicking constantly on songs, pausing the track, adding to your playlist, reloading the app when it crashes on your iphone/ipod touch…

I just thought of it tonight while making new tunes for tomorrow. The record companies are getting better with working with music streaming services – I think its up to these companies to do the same now. Apple aren’t interested innovating here – one of them has to step up

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