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Uncharted – The Movie

April 23rd, 2012 No comments
This is cool…

As found on Theverge – ( )

More proof that video games can be an art-form (hello, Ebert), the Uncharted series of games is a good example of cinematic storytelling. Someone’s put together the cutscenes and gameplay in a way you can watch it as it’s a proper film. With games like Mass Effect and Bioware getting short films and proper films released, i suppose it’s only a matter of time until someone looks at Uncharted to be a film….

(edit – nevermind. too slow. looks like it’s already been optioned and in talks now)

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mass effect 3 finally finished

April 21st, 2012 No comments

only took me twice as many months compared to the rest of the folks out there. this is why i can never play WoW anymore. its too much time that i don’t have.


i liked the ending. i know people whinged and complained about how they felt betrayed, but reading god knows how many classic sci fi books in the past, i loved it. its almost classic pulp 50s scifi in its ending. sure, it might of been nicer getting some more endings and what happens to all, but the actual ending i liked. i didn’t expect my shepard (or any shepard) to come out of this happily ever after. im glad they went in this direction, though. part 3 was far too linear compared to the earlier games. you really only get a small amount of side missions per priority ones. i am aware that the galaxy is at war, but skyrim spoilt me somewhat and i enjoyed being able to explore different planets and getting to find new places. it tied up all the loose ends for me though so i just have to look at the game in a more dragon age 2 perspective. speaking of which, bioware need to hurry the hell up and give me something new. for the time being im going back to the beginning and playing as femshep, and getting rid of “her” this time. that was my biggest mistake playing through the game. Oh, and more skyrim quests. got a long way to go there.

If the mass effect movies eventually DO come out, whoo boy. its going to be good 🙂

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Barrowman on Eccleston – “don’t go there”

April 17th, 2012 No comments

Just reading this article about John Barrowman at an sci-fi expo in Chicago over the weekend where he accidentally mixed up his Doctors when talking about the show. When the crowd called him on his mistake, he had this to say..

“Don’t even go there. I know lots of things that you don’t. Anyway, I’ve had so many Doctors I get confused.”

More proof that something nasty happened behind the scenes. And while Barrowman plays coy on the 50th anniversary news (remember Noel Clarke pleaded ignorance on twitter the day before his small part in The End Of Time), I’m pretty certain that no matter what the plans are for the show next year that Chris certainly won’t be returning at all. A shame.

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Some amusing links for the day –

April 15th, 2012 No comments…

The Olympic folk in London want Keith moon to perform for the Olympics. Anyone else see a problem with that? 😉

USB typewriter that hooks up to your iPad. Amazing. Want it. Want it now 🙂

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