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my new (cheap) gadget

May 14th, 2012 No comments
bought this the other day on ebay and finally arrived through the mail.

no, not the phone. that little battery on the bottom 😉

ive been looking here, there and everywhere on the net for decent battery extenders for iphones/ipads etc (powertraveller was a top contender) but all were quite pricey and also quite bulky! I found this from a random ebayer online for twenty bucks or so – chump change and a lot less than the 80 plus that a lot of other batteries you can find online. sure, this may only charge up once, but i can take this with me, chuck it in my pocket and not have to worry about lugging around something bulky and in the way compared to a lot of the others. i think the others would be handy if you were away on a trip and forget your charger, but something that can just extend your day, this is pretty handy. and cheap enough to buy a couple to leave in your bags/gadget pack.


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HOUSOs movie Teaser Trailer

May 11th, 2012 No comments

This Isn’t something from the show – an honest to god, actual movie being made.

Good on pauly for getting this to happen. SBS have been far from helpful with a second season. Who knows, this movie could get commercial interests with the other stations if it does well 🙂

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