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The Witcher 2

November 4th, 2012 No comments

finally snapped again with warcraft, so im looking for a new RPG, preferrably on xbox 360 so i know it will work.

first up – wow. i’ve gotten to level 90 and it’s just too frustrating at the moment. the dailies are required if you want to get gear for the raid finder. there MIGHT be an easier way and im sure its not all that hard, but fighting over mobs and everything is just.. gah. at the moment im running random heroics but the effort is just too much like work. i ended up closing the game over the weekend and catching up with more episodes of once upon a time. (havent finished season 1 yet)… 

so i wanted to play kingdoms of aldumemejhgdaiheur, but it was out so i gave the witcher 2 a go.

firstly, havent played the first one?? hahaha suck shit you suffer and play the game. it’s a shame, but it seems like an expansive world which i’d probably enjoy a lot. and there’s no part 1 on the 360 as far as i can tell. it drags you straight into the story, but apart from the subtle bits and pieces its easy to get a handle of whats going on – king you were protecting, murdered. you need to clear your name, find the killer. other stuff happens. I’ve only got to part 1 now, with all the other bits and pieces that happen in the cutscenes.

oh my god. the cutscenes.

i dont mind the odd moment (i think mass effect 3 got it just right) but this game… 10 minutes of game play … another scene… and again, and again. it’s lucky the game looks so bloody good otherwise i would of given up by now. and it’s pretty rough and adult! not that im complaining, but it’s got me buggered how this game passed the classification board in australia – if this were a movie, it would be easily a R 18 rating. 

it’s lucky it’s only a rental. ill keep it playing for a while, but it’s certainly no dragon age 2 replacement. Bah.

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