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A night out at The Palace! The Broken Hill variety..

December 2nd, 2012 No comments


Well that was a fun weekend.

While I missed a few people, I managed to bump into people I haven’t seen in years, and also someone I lost contact with (stupid phone). So next time I come back (due to work, will be often) Weekends in the home town should be more fun! Well, after the silly season, that is. Now is the time of gifts and saving and (eventually) holidays! Looking forward to it.

We managed to see Zach Watt (I believe that is how you spell it) – some years ago back in the dim dark days of the mid ninties he won an unearthed competition in Broken Hill and as far as I was told, only recently moved back to town? Anyways, it was fun and interesting – he started just with him and his acoustic guitar and playing the strangest yet interesting of covers – from Jeff Buckley, Beyonce!, Johnny Cash, Kate Bush and all sorts. After a meal break he returned with backing music on his laptop and sung a whole batch of Frank Sinatra standards. By the end of that the crowd were getting drunker and rowdy (it was sit down dinner arrangement and people just got more pissy as the night progressed) he ended it getting the crowd up dancing in tiniest of dancefloors by firing up the kareoke section of the computer and doing the stuff the crowd loves come late – you know, ABBA, etc. He’s got an amazing voice and there’s not much he was stuck on that he couldn’t pull off flawlessly. It’s a shame he doesn’t perform any of his own music but sadly Broken Hill isn’t the type of town for that. If I can find any of his own stuff online later, I’ll upload it to another post. He’s got quite the talent, the lucky bugger. I’m glad I went. It’s great to be sitting in the living artwork that is the Palace (seriously, go rent Priscilla. That pub when they’re in Broken Hill? That’s it. Artwork all over the walls, I love that place.) and something which just isnt the standard typical DJ or pub band is a welcome refreshing change.


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