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In Utero – 20th Anniversary Release

September 22nd, 2013 No comments

Dragging every little bit out of the vaults for the 20th Anniversary (jesus christ, 20 years??) they’ve released a 3 disc deluxe version. Some of it I’ve already heard, but the new stuff is interesting…

the 2013 mix is probably the interesting bit – steve albini vs. the record labels is well known if you’re a nirvana fan. the higher ups (and eventually the band themselves) didn’t like how rough the album sounded, so the band cleaned it up and scott litt remixed the two singles. a couple of tracks from steve’s version appear on here and i own the albini mix – even that he’s cleaned up a lot as well.

the new version of the album is steve albini and kris 20 years later – hearing little bits deep in the mix that you couldn’t before, some double tracking the vocals on heart shaped box, dumb is missing the cello completely, serve the servants is almost brutal sounding now. much like my love of butch vig’s mix of nevermind – i think im going to love this version much more than the original. give it time for me to grow.

the rest is the typical rough demos. what IS interesting, though, is dave grohl’s original version of marigold. he did a demo for a cassette called “pocketwatch” (throughout the years he’s re-recorded most of the tracks). for the first time, we’re hearing the clean, no badly dubbed cassette version of the demo. it sounds beautiful, and worth the purchase for that track alone…..

there’s also the live and loud concert they did with pat. it’ll be good to get a proper clean copy of that concert…. (you can tell i’m a fan, yes? :P)

got a drive home tomorrow, give this a proper listen then. it’s on spotify if you want to check it out yourself…

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