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i’ve watched the new dr who already…

July 22nd, 2014 No comments

does that make me a bad person??

if you havent heard, it’s leaked online early. and when i say early, i mean early. It’s missing CGI, it’s in black and white, there’s text all over the screen where effects are meant to go and the music is just stuffed ripped from other movies.

it’s quite interesting to see something that early in production, even with the rose leak it was pretty much all done, save a few effects/sound bits. (god i wish i still had that copy). this one even has the opening titles from matt smith’s era!! i can understand why the BBC would be furious, though. on the other hand regardless on how bad it looks (remember this is dr who fans you are talking about) it’s i think hyping up the new series as well. the story is GOOD, the new doctor is fantastic, and clara finally is no longer the impossible girl and grows as a character.

i won’t spoil anything, but the tone and the style is different again. i cant say it’s a brand new show like the end of russell’s era, because there are a lot of callbacks to old episodes, but they’ve realised they cant do the same old thing with a new actor, plus there’s a few sly mentions to the fans in this regard as well.

i think i’ll leave it there, though. its going to go down well, i think. the first five scripts have been leaked as well. im not too exactly sure whether i’ll read them or not. let’s see if my will holds up in the next few weeks 🙂

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