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November 10th, 2014 No comments

Now that Sunday nights tends to be date night, the GF and i catch up with whatevers new on popcorn time. I have a whole post about that one day, my god does that thing just work (but for how long?)

So far last night we watched the Lego movie. It was Cute, fun and full of little in jokes. It had the same Kind of heart that the pixar films do.

Also the Mrs browns boys film. It wasn’t bad, but lack of laugh track and spontaneous way of the show was missing. There’s a few moments in the film where they have a couple of “mistakes” but Honestly, it kind of felt like even the mistakes were scripted. And the story wasn’t too original. Personally I think I like the cheesiness of the tv show.

Also what about Dr who? Probably the darkest season of the new show I’ve seen. I hope they find gallifrey. I want clara to have her own tardis 🙂

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