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dragon age 3 and noobs…

February 23rd, 2015 No comments


I LOVE dragon age 3. i really do. although i enjoyed the dragon age 2 story, this is a much much better game.

however, something that bothers me is the way they want you to think “oh hey, we can be like skyrim! look at all this world and adventures!” but if you’re stupid enough to go in that area without learning beforehand that its five levels above what you’re currently at, “you’re gonna have a bad time!”

i just think bethesda do it better when it comes to stuff like that. i hate seeing a quest open and getting my arse kicked because even though i’ve opened that part of the game up, doesnt mean i can complete it yet… bleh.

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one thing about books…

February 11th, 2015 No comments

where the movie can be an experience, the book can take longer.

sometimes this can be frustrating.

in between gaming, TV and life in general, I’m reading Gone Girl. I’m really enjoying it. The author has a wonderful way of hitting some great end of chapter cliffhangers, and going back and forth between the past, what everything is building up to and the aftermath.

the thing is, i REALLY want to see the film.

It ticks all my boxes, David Fincher, music by Trent and Atticus. The Image teases me every time I open Popcorn Time, but I hold myself back. I havent seen or read any spoilers, either. This is all happening as I read. Its interesting – It’s the first time In a while I havent re-read something or being shocked and surprised as I’m reading a book as well.

After this I’ve also got the new William Gibson book as well.

You can tell I got a new kindle touch for xmas, cant you?? 😉

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